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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The King's Hand

The Kings Hand
Written by Anna Thayer
Book Review:
This is Book 2 of The Knight of Eldaran Series.
Summary of Main Character Eamon Goodman from where it leads off in the first book called the Traitors Heir where hundreds of years ago Eamon’s bloodline turned traitor and helped the one who is now called The Master usurp and Kill The King of Eldaran. The Master has reigned over the River Realm for 532 years now using a powerful book called The NightHolt that helps The Master Control his people and reign his terrible wrath over his Kingdom. Eamon has been Sworn to The Master by way of a Mark that he pledged an Oath of Loyalty to with a mark upon his palms that has hidden powers and secrets kept from him. All who take an Oath of Loyalty receive the mark upon their hands.
Little does Eamon know that there is another man who’s Blood Line comes from the Original King and that Eamon knew of him when they played together as childhood friends. Eamon now has also pledged his alliance to the New King and his Bloodline. There is another Book that holds supreme authority stating that The land and all of the River Realm were given to and protected by the King and hid Bloodline. When Eamon swears allegiance to the new King he also realizes that he is now protected by The Kings Grace and has a mysterious Blue Light that occurs when he tries to help heal and protect others. Will Eamon swear to uphold The Kings Grace and defend the new King and all his glory? Or will he woefully be forced to serve The Master by his Oath that secretly controls his own thoughts and evokes fear and evil into his very soul! This book is Eamon’s fight for his very soul while he is promoted through the ranks of the Gauntlet and becomes a Quarter Hand to The Master.
This book is very suspenseful and the reader must be vigilant in focusing on the story as it can turn and twist with every page. The character development and plot twists are so often filled with extreme cunning and tension that with every move Eamon makes could be a move that gets himself or anyone of his friends or family killed at any moment. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 Stars and Cant wait to review the 3rd Installment which I just finished call the Broken Blade. Thank you for such a wonderful, powerful, action packed and soulful ride that this book brings when you read each chapter.
I received The Kings Hand by Anna Thayer compliments of Kregel Publications for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This is the second book in the Knights of Elderan series!
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