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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Passport 2 Purity - Product Review

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It seems like growing up for our children and teens is becoming more challenging. This is a much different world than the one I know I grew up in and even for my own teen daughter, it is a way different world for her as well. What worked for us thirty years ago isn't so much what is accepted today and that is where the Passport 2 Purity Getaway Kit comes into play. Inside this kit is a weekend getaway of sorts for you and your teen, to prepare for an overnight or weekend trip to discuss what challenges they are likely to face as they grow up. How the world can influence them, social media, their friends and even the challenges they struggle with with hormonal changes can be a lot for a teen to handle. So planning this is a perfect way to get a chance to talk about what really matters.

Inside the kit you will find a total of 8 CDs hosted by Dennis and Barbara Rainey who help coach you through these challenging topics like Running with the Herd, the challenges that are represented by having good and bad influences in their life, Ready for an Upgrade dealing with all the changes that are going on with your teens body and how that is changing them into adults, Destination Le Pure, is a topic covering what it means to stay pure until marriage and how God views relationships in accordance to the standards God has designed for all of us, and even Crossing the Dateline, what happens when things go a bit further than you had intended them to go, or you found yourself in a bit too deep. Each of these topics is discussed as you listen to a CD in two parts designed to run about an hour each. Along with each lesson, there is a great fun activity to drive the points home and hopefully make them a bit more memorable to learn from. Our favorite was the Running with The Herd activity. It deals with how influences can change you from who you wanted to be, into something you may or may not want to be later.

Your teen is given her own Passport Journal to capture her thoughts and open areas for discussion for both of you. Such as what qualities do you look for in friends now and perhaps what qualities you might want to consider in future friends. At the conclusion of this lesson for you and your teen, you are given an opportunity to present them with contract, to help them stay pure until marriage and options of gift ideas like a purity ring or necklace that helps remind your teen to stay pure for God. I only wish I would have had this for my first daughter, it might have saved her quite a bit of heartache and create a great discussion point for us to keep communication open. Being a corporate trainer, I know that the lessons coupled with the activities will definitely be something they remember and hopefully talk to their friends about.

I received The Passport 2 Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey compliments of Family Life and Propeller LLC for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from receiving the Passport 2 Purity Getaway Kit. The activity my daughter loved the most was the Running with the Herd because it teaches you about the good and bad influences people can have in your life, once you make some compromises you can't go back to who you were before, so you might want to choose wisely. It was definitely a homerun activity for my daughter and one she can't wait to share with her high school youth group at church. For us, that just speaks volumes and we presented her with her choice of a purity ring to help remind her to stay pure for marriage. It is definitely worth the wait and not the message the world wants our teens to hear. For us, its well worth all 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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You can find out more information about Passport 2 Purity, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, or where you can purchase your own Getaway Kit by clicking the links below:

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You can find Passport2Purity on Facebook for more great ways to talk to your teen about remaining pure and for some great resources.

To purchase a Passport 2 Purity Getaway Kit for your teen, please click on this link!

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