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Monday, May 9, 2016

Just Life

Could you imagine simply turning in your dog because of a viral outbreak? What if you had no choice? What if you were mandated to do so under the fear that you might never see your dog again if they believe that destruction is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus to keep from killing children? How far would you go?

These are the choices that residents of Riverside, a small neighborhood in New York have been asked to do as part of a quarantine to prevent the spread of what the CDC has determined might be a killer rabies virus. First they thought the recent deaths of the children of Riverside was caused by the bird flu, but tests are coming back confirming that it is rabies and with the presidential election coming, the Governor wants to ensure that his rally goes off in Central Park without any issues.

Samantha Lewis, owner of Finally Home, a non kill pet shelter and veterinarian has her work cut out for her. Not only does she have to find homes for the pets currently in her shelter due to a mandate from the city that they are closing her shelter but they have placed a quarantine on the cities dogs within Riverside. She can't bear the thought of how the CDC will handle the situation if they deem the dogs are the carrier. Despite all the tests and blood work she is doing on the dogs being brought into her from the residents, she knows once people go into panic mode, the dogs will be slated to be killed in order to contain the virus. But based on all her knowledge is seems suspicious that rabies would find a way to cross over to humans without being bitten. She will have to reach out to the one person who can help her and the one person she doesn't want to call. Her father.

I received Just Life by Neil Abramson compliments of Center Street Publishers, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this novel, in exchange for my honest and personal opinions. This is such a great novel despite the profanity and makes you consider just how we handle these viral outbreaks with the slaughter of animals that are called into question. This really impacted me personally as a pet lover, and wondered just what I would do if called to give up my dog knowing they might be killed in an effort to contain the viral outbreak. Humans or animals? That is the choice up for debate in this political thriller! For me this rated 4 out of 5 stars only due to the profanity and my own personal rating system I have established. Without it, 5 out of 5 stars.

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Just Life by Neil Abramson is available in Hardcover, eBook and audio formats at your favorite retailer. ISBN: 9781455591046  Pages: 400

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