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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Beautiful Pretender

Looking for some new takes on the old Medieval Fairy Tales we read as little girls with a more realistic version? Then pick up Melanie Dickerson's novels from her Medieval Fairy Tale series. In her latest novel, The Beautiful Pretender, we get a re-telling of a more realistic version of Beauty and the Beast. They are similarities in the story lines but in this one there is no magical curse that animates the household objects and turns our hero into a beast like character.

The Margrave of Thornbeck has been ordered by the king to find a suitable bride and to be married. Unfortunately that is the furthest thing from his mind. Left with a disability that keeps him with a perpetual limp and the use of a cane, he is more than frustrated with others telling him what to do. His close advisers suggest that invitations are sent out and for two weeks he can put these ladies through a series of tests to see which one most suits the qualities he is looking for in a wife.

Avelina, has been ordered by the Earl of Plimmwald to go in the place of his daughter, Lady Dorothea, who has run away with an unborn child with the Earl's knight. Avelina, as Dorothea's maid servant, knew of her intentions but said nothing to the Earl. Now he has placed all the responsibility upon her to go in Dorothea's place impersonating her under the premise that his kingdom is represented and her secret is kept safe. She must not wed the Margrave but convince him to help stand against those who would steal Plimmwald in an effort to conquer and rule over the land and its people. She just never expected to be one of those the Margrave is interested in, due to her unnatural lady-like opinions and her compassion to help those less fortunate than herself.

I received The Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this novel, in exchange for my honest and personal opinions. I truly loved this novel and could see having this in my home as a fairy tale that I would feel comfortable telling my daughters and grand daughters. It provide a much more realistic version with attention to the true morals and character builders you would want to instill in your own children. The best part of these novels is that you don't know which one you are picking up until you begin the book. I love this version of my favorite Beauty and the Beast and will be adding the entire series to my own home library. For me this one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars. This is the second novel within the Medieval Fairy Tale series, pertaining specifically to Thornbeck. The first, is the Huntress of Thornbeck Forest.

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Inheriting the new title of margrave means Reinhart has two weeks to find a noble bride. What will happen when he learns he has fallen for a lovely servant girl in disguise? Find out in the new medieval fairy tale, The Beautiful Pretender, by Melanie Dickerson. Despite Avelina’s best attempts at diverting attention from herself, the margrave has taken notice. And try as she might, she can’t deny her own growing feelings. But something else is afoot in the castle. Something sinister that could have far worse—far deadlier—consequences. Will Avelina be able to stop the evil plot? And at what cost?

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