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Friday, April 19, 2013

Beyond Heaven's Door

" I make no claims to being a good golfer, but I readily confess to being a golf addict. If you know of a twelve-step program for the condition, sign me up. "Hi, I'm Max. I'm a golfaholic." I love to play golf, watch golf, and on good nights, I even dream golf.

Knowing this will help you appreciate the extreme joy I felt when I was invited to attend the Masters Golf Tournament. A pass to the Masters is the golfer's Holy Grail. Tickets are as scarce as birdies on my scorecard. So I was thrilled. The invitation came via pro golfer Scott Simpson. Each player is given a certain number of passes and Scott offered Denalyn and me two of his. (If there was ever any question about Scott's place in heaven, that gesture erased the doubt.)

So off we went to Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, where golf heritage hangs like moss from the trees. There you find the green where Nicklaus sank the putt. The fringe where Mize holed the chip. The fairway where Saranson hit the approach shot. I was a kid in a candy store. And like a kid, I couldn't get enough. It wasn't enough to see the course and walk the grounds; I wanted to see the locker room. That's where the clubs of Hogan and Azinger are displayed. That's where the players hang out. And that's where I wanted to be.

A guard stopped me at the entrance. I showed him my pass, but he shook his head. I told him I knew Scott, but that didn't matter. I promised to send his eldest child through college, but he didn't budge. "Only caddies and players," he explained. Well, he knew I wasn't a player or a caddie. Caddies at the Masters are required to wear white coveralls. My clothing was a dead giveaway. So I left, figuring I'd never see the clubhouse. I made it all the way to the door but was denied entrance.

Many people fear the same will happen to them in heaven. They fear being turned away at the door. A legitimate fear, don't you think? We're talking about a pivotal moment. To be turned away from seeing golf history is one thing, but to be refused admission into heaven is quite another.

That is why some people don't want to discuss heaven. It makes them nervous. They may be God-fearing and church-attending people but still nervous. Is there a solution to this fear? Need you spend the rest of your life wondering if you will be turned away at the door?

According to the Bible, it is possible to "know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have eternal life" (1 John 5:13 MSG). How? How can any of us know for sure?

Curiously, it all has to do with the clothing we wear." (pg 10-11).

Written in a comfortable style that is uniquely Max Lucado, Beyond Heaven's Door takes the reader through an amazing way to assure you that when this life is over, if you have clothed yourself in Christ, then you will have eternal life the instant you close your eyes when this one ends. No more worry or doubt will cross your mind when you rest in the assurances that after reading this and following the simple steps Max provides, you can be assured of your final destination.

The book not only tells us how to get to Heaven but assures us that even when our loved ones pass away here, as believers their life is only so much better than we could have ever dreamed or imagined. Taking all of his references and information directly from the Bible, Max makes the entire trip towards Heaven, a personal one. You truly feel like the words from this book are like words from a trust and close friend and I believe that is where the appeal in all of Max's books I've been honored to read comes from.

I received Beyond Heaven's Door by Max Lucado compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. This one is a must read for anyone who really wonders what lies beyond death's door and is looking for the absolute truth before it's too late to make that decision to accept Christ. This book also provides comfort for those of us left behind when a believer dies and shows us in a small way just what is on the other side waiting for all of us that accept Jesus Christ into our lives. An unforgettable book and well worthy of 5 out of 5 stars.

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