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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gift of A Servant

From Author Tamara Amos comes a dream come and the fulfillment of a birthday wish to her father. Gift of A Servant was written to show readers how people can come to know God through Santa Claus. Children, especially, relate to this loving saint who knows them each personally and dedicates his entire life to making and giving them gifts. How like our heavenly Father he is! And how ell he imitates Christ. Parents sometimes worry that children will misinterpret the emphasis that is placed on Santa Claus at Christmas time, but Tamara never had that problem. She understood that he is a servant of God. Years later, she was inspired to write Gift of A Servant. She hopes through this book, that the reader will experience the unfathomable love of God that comes to us disguised as ordinary people and shines through us when we live lives of extraordinary love.

I received Gift of A Servant by Tamara Amos compliments of Book Crash and Mystical Rose Publishing for my honest review. This is such a beautifully illustrated children's book that is written as a poem, much like the Night Before Christmas. I love all the pictures and could see this being incorporated into your favorite Christmas traditions to convey the depth of the love that Christ has for each of us. It show cases how the spirit of St. Nick has been commercialized over the years and the spirit of love and generosity is now being placed by the hustle and bustle of buying presents. The father in the story is dismayed by how the sense of what was intended to be something to convey the love of others during the holiday has now been replaced by the objective of buying, buying, buying and he devises a plan to rid let Santa know it's time for his resignation, and that gift of God's son has been replaced.

"Santa Claus, what have you wrought?
Anxiety is our Christmas lot. 
Christmas spirit?
We cannot feel it!
Our peace is gone and it's all your fault!"

Without giving away the ending, this is such a beautiful book to share with your children each Christmas. It reminds us what the true reason for celebrating Christmas truly is! The illustrations reminded me of the ones found in the book, The Polar Express. I just know that any child would love to read this book or better yet, to spend the nights leading up to Christmas, sitting on their parents lap and have the story read. It creates an opportunity to share with our children what Christmas really means and how we can all play our part in keeping the spirit alive not only at Christmas but through the whole year long. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to share this with my own children this Christmas. Finally a great Christian Christmas Children's book!!!

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You can see the beautiful illustrations from Gift of A Servant by illustrator David W. Luebbert by clicking here.

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