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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Sanctuary

Dr. Hatcher,

     I'm sure by now you feel certain that your responsibility has been fully avoided, and this letter has come as a surprise. It has taken me some time to locate you. But this is a matter of extreme importance. A child's life has been impacted. As the child's grandfather, I cannot allow him to grow up wondering why his father has chosen to abandon him.

     Therefore I request that you honor your responsibility toward your child. He and his mother are living with me in Boston. I will allow you two weeks to contact me. If by the end of that time, you have not chosen to honor your duty to your son, I shall be forced to take legal action. I assure you I have the wealth and influence to see that you do not continue to neglect your responsibility. I encourage - no, I insist - that you come with all due haste to Boston to settle this matter in an honorable fashion.

                                                                           N. Allan Eldredge

No matter how much Micah attempted to reread the letter and search for some hidden meaning between the lines, he couldn't understand how this letter was for him. In fact, even though he contemplated heading to Boston, it would only show Mr. Eldredge that the accusation held merit. He did remember Lydia Eldredge. The nurse from Schofield Station Hospital. The one who had left Oahu early because of a mysterious emergency. An emergency that was no longer a mystery, thanks to the letter. That's when he decided he would go to Boston, confront Lydia and her parents, and insist that she tell the truth. Micah was not the father of this child.

Only when the doorbell rang, it was Lydia who was surprised. Apparently her father had taken it upon himself to locate the one and only man Lydia had truly loved, from stealing her diary. Now of course, Lydia had to set Micah straight and explain the motives for her father's letter. She only hoped he would understand.
Her childhood friend, Eleanor had gotten married to Nicolai Pankin, a man who worked at Lydia's father's crate factory and had gotten pregnant. When Nicolai learned that Eleanor was pregnant, he was furious and didn't want the worry or burden of children. He found someone who would terminate Eleanor's pregnancy. Since Lydia introduced them, she felt burdened that she was somehow responsible. When Eleanor feared for her unborn baby, she ran away from Nicolai and found comfort in Lydia. Unfortunately before Lydia could return home in time, Eleanor had died in childbirth but left the child to Lydia. Now Lydia has been trying to stay one step ahead of Nicolai to keep him from finding the child.

She only hopes that Micah will offer to marry her in hopes of securing a future for Nicky, who believes Lydia is his real mother. She wants to have a birth certificate created to show that Lydia is the natural mother and Micah is the boy's father. Unfortunately Micah's isn't about to go through with Lydia or her father's plans for marriage just to save the life of one little boy. But just how far with Micah go to save the women he is having feelings for and even the child that is finding a way into his heart even if he isn't his biological child?

In the novel Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer, the author takes us back to 1944 for the setting in this story. The struggle for survival is apparent as Lydia has to stay one step ahead of Nicolai Pankin who is a drug addicted father bent on finding his one and only son, no matter how many lies Lydia throws his way. If she could only have gotten Micah to agree to marry her long enough to create a birth certificate for Nicky, then perhaps they might be safe. Her father's influence and money can only hide them for so long, and soon despite the fact that Micah wanted to stay out of this mess, he's about to find he can't turn his back on people who truly need his help.

I received Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review and received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. This is such a compelling story to pick up and immerse yourself in. You are completely rooting for Lydia and Nicky the whole way despite the fact her father attempted to go about finding a solution the wrong way. You despise the character of Nicolai Pankin even before he is introduced in the story as seeing the option of selling his child as a way to support his drug habit. What's worse is knowing the Lydia is involved and with that comes the plot to gain more money than he ever though possible if he can only get his hands on his son. I rate this novel a 4.5 out of 5 stars and love the details that Kim weaves together to make this such a believable story for the reader to feel like they are a part of it.

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