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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Real Science Proves the Bible

If you have noticed the number of paranormal movies that have been launched into theaters lately and the rise of shows that cast ghost hunting in a positive light, you may not be aware of what is really happening. There are simply so much those shows and movies don't convey to you and the reality is the danger involved in not only watching them, but taking them to a new level and emulating what they see on those shows and wind up with more than they expected.

Lisa Grace highlights the dangers of ghost hunting, demons, paranormal activities, and hauntings in her latest book, Real Science Proves the Bible. She backs up what we are being shown in regards the reality of the unseen world with what science is just beginning to back up in regards to appearances of angels, to quantum particles, from plasma and the supernatural to the unseen realm where angels and demons dwell. Science is just now beginning to understand through the use of instruments that measure temperature changes, voice recordings, electro magnetic devices, laser grid fields, and better detectors would soon be created with technology evolving to have a better understanding at what we are looking for.

The problem is that people are being led astray in believing they can communicate with the dead, that ghost exist, that houses can be haunted, and even that your loved ones still visit you from beyond the grave. What is really happening is that the fallen angels that have been cast from heaven due to their rebellion and now finding willing and open people here who want to develop connections with them, through the use of psychics, mediums, tarot cards or even Ouija boards. Trust me if you are willing to find them, they are more than happy to accommodate you. Once you open yourself up to their influences, you will have a difficult time getting them to leave.

Lisa backs up all her information from the Bible and shows how God purposely instructed us to not getting involved with the supernatural world. We aren't supposed to pray to angels or attempt to communicate with our loved ones who have died. The Bible expressly prohibits this, and there is good cause .Just like you caution your child not to touch a hot oven because you could get hurt, God's purpose is the same, we can get spiritual and in some cases physically hurt but dabbling in things we don't understand. In light of this, it is critical for believers to become aware to what is happening and to utilize both the science and biblical resources to dispel the lies of the enemy that are capturing our youth. She highlights the myths behind the Easter and Christmas celebrations as well as Halloween and is a contributing author at Eye on the Paranormal. 

I received Real Science Proves the Bible by Lisa Grace compliments of the author for my honest review and did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review. As a Christian, I can look back at my earlier life and see the many times I too, dabbled in using Ouija boards, tarot cards and even had to do battle with shadow people and sleep paralysis on a couple occasions. As a parent, we can't be ignorant to what is happening right in front of us with horror and paranormal movies, books and television shows permeating our homes and society. We need to know what we are dealing with in regards to the truth and lies and be better equipped to do spiritual battle for the lives of those we love. The book includes scripture references from the Bible as well as factual and scientific links to further your own research on the subject matters.  I easily rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

For more information about Real Science Proves the Bible, Lisa Grace or where you can pick up a copy of this book today, please click on the links below:

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