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Monday, October 27, 2014

Iesodo: Joy - Unto Us a Dove is Born

Iesodo (YAY-sa-doe) is a highly acclaimed Telly Award winning series featuring a cast of animated birds who live in a Cypress Tree on the shores of Galilee. Presented with cutting edge imagery, Iesodo, which means "the way of Jesus", is a wise and gentle dove that gives an allergory to the stories and messages of Jesus with "solid biblical teaching." (American Family Journal). With each and every story, he and his lovable feathered friends "present the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a winsome, compelling way."(

Zaya Toonz, the animation company behind Iesodo, assemble a collaboration of animation experts with the experience in both the children's and Christian markets. Directors for the series include Brian E. Ray who credits consist of the "Muppet Babies," "My Little Pony Tales" and "Ed, Ed, and Eddy," as well as Colin Brady, who credits include "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2" and "A Bug's Life." Brady also served as the former animation supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. The Iesodo series features the voice of Erin Bethea ("Fireproof," "Amazing Love") as Maggie.

In Joy: Unto Us A Dove is Born, Iesodo and his feathered friends bring your favorite New Testament stories to life in a whole new way including the special re-imagining of the Nativity story. Let your heart take flight and tweet along to the holiday carols and all-new songs! Festivities are in full swing as the flock prepares to celebrate Iesodo's birthday! The Cypress Tree is decked out with holly berries and excitement is in the air. Everyone gathers as Rocky shares the incredible story of Iesodo's birth.

I received Iesodo: Joy - Unto Us a Dove is Born compliments of Capital Christian Distribution and Edify Media Inc for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and received a complimentary copy of the DVD in exchange for my review. This is such a beautiful series. The animation is top-notch and the songs are ones I know your children will be singing long after this DVD ends. I love how they incorporated the story of Iesodo's birth with the New Testament story of the Nativity. We get to see how important his birth is, just like understanding Jesus' birth is to believers. I love the Wise Owls who come riding turtles in search of the king. The animal characters they use to represent the various characters from the Nativity are well thought out and I know this is one that families will love to add to their home library collection. There are also some extras on the DVD such as Bible Connections with Pastor Tim, Christmas at Natalie's Nest, Bible Verses and a Christmas Sing-A-Long. I only wish this was available when my children were younger. By far, this one rates an easy 5 out of 5 stars. I would encourage you to pick up a copy in time for the perfect Christmas gift.

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