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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Phil Wickham - Children of God CD Review

I have been a huge fan of Phil Wickham's music for quite some time. I've had the privilege of being able to see him live in concert both at my church and at the Harvest Crusade in 2013. His music just moves you in such a way and what I find contagious about Phil Wickham is his undying love for Jesus Christ. It comes through in not only his music, lyrics but in his performance, Now I have the unique opportunity to be able to review his latest CD, Children of God. Even before I had the chance to listen to the entire CD, I fell in love with one of the songs from that track, Your Love Awakens Me, which is rising to the top of the Christian music charts!

Children of God contains 12 songs and truly contains exactly what one would expect to find, devotional songs of mighty worship and praise that will last long after you stop the final song. They are what I call worm songs or soul songs. Ones you find yourself singing when there is no music and that is part of the power and conviction of Phil Wickham's music.

1. Doxology/Amen -  is a worship song that defines the purpose of praise and worship music, that are prayers to Jesus Christ.

2. Better Than Life - will be just like what This is Amazing Grace was to Phil's previous album on this one! Definitely upbeat worship song!

3. Your Love Awakens Me - conveys the sense of what it is like for a believer of Christ to experience God's love in their life. It creates an awakening in their soul. This is such a catchy song and one I know you will absolutely love!

4. The Secret Place - features Madison Cunningham, talks about what its like when we experience God in our hearts. Its a place others can't see, but we can certainly feel. More like a worship song.

5. Wide Awake - Not one of my favorites on this one, but still an uplifting worship song.

6. My All in All - Speaks of the great love and presence of Jesus Christ, who is the stream of life and victor in any battle we face. A definite battle-worthy song! 

7. Starmaker (High Above the Earth) - Definitely a worship song of our dedication for the salvation that Jesus Christ alone offers. I can this one being incorporated by churches as part of their praise and worship service!

8.  Children of God - Another great praise song. It conveys a song about whom children of God are in Christ. We are more than warriors, but children of God.

9. Stand in Awe - Another powerful praise song, that takes what a believer feels for God, and puts it not only in song, but in a prayer to our Heavenly Father!

10. Body Mind and Soul - another praise song, that conveys in the heart of the believer what where our praise and worship comes from, body, mind and soul.

11. As It Is In Heaven - a great song that comes off more like a prayer set to music.

12. Spirit of God - Speaks of our longing for the Spirit of God to have His in our life.

I received Phil Wickham's Children of God compliments of Fair Trade LLC and Propeller LLC for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside for a copy of this DVD in exchange for my personal and honest evaluation. Phil Wickham just has one of those amazing voices you can recognize the moment you hear him. His conviction and devotion comes across in every single song and that is what makes this such a wonderful CD a great addition to your praise and worship music library. This is his first album in three years, for in 2014 Phil Wickham didn't know whether or not he'd ever be able to sing again. He had vocal polyp, a small lesion on his vocal cords, and while doctors could remove it, the outcome would be up to God. Thankfully, we serve an amazing Healer and Creator and Phil is back once again. These are the songs of the reawakened heart, and his passion and love for God come through on every single song. For me, this rates a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The lyrics are not provided in the CD but you can find them by visiting

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