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Friday, May 27, 2016

Someone Like You

Who hasn't stopped and wondered about someone we loved a long time ago, but due to issues we simply parted ways. Perhaps it was a high school sweetheart or a college romance that lost its luster, but deep in the heart, you always wonder what if?

Zeke Monroe is the general manager at Caliente Springs resort that is trying hard to stay afloat among the drought ravishing the property in California among other things. Co-owned by the Travers twins Ginger and George, if something doesn't turn around soon, Ginger wants to sell the property and get out from the debt she senses maybe coming. For Zeke this isn't about simply selling and hoping that the new owners might keep the 200 employees on board, but this may in fact be 200 people whose livelihoods he has taken personal interest in. It is what has made him such a success and well loved and respected by those who work for him. Zeke knows that if Ginger gives him half a chance, he can bring this resort back to life. His one big hope is that Carter Home Goods might decide to use his resort as their vacation and training headquarters which will be a huge start. But it all rides on the meeting scheduled with Julia Dare.

Julia Dare is working with Carter Home Goods while trying to get her own company Dare to Dream off the ground as an event coordinator. Carter Home Goods has hired her to spend a few days checking out resorts that they offer as vacation perks to their employees and families throughout the year. If Julia loves them, Mr. and Mrs. Carter will spend a few days checking out her final pick. Julia had arranged to meet Ashley Tate for the final tour. She just didn't expect to meet Zeke Monroe, her old flame from Berkeley instead. They kind of parted ways in college and while Julia failed to give Zeke any details, she knew one thing for certain, the faith he shared with her back in college was the reason she walked away. But since finding it on her own, is there an opportunity for a second chance? Now the only thing standing in her way in her son, Max and his father Hunter, Zeke's old college rival.

I received Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of the novel for my honest and personal evaluation. I really loved the premise behind this novel. Old college sweethearts who find themselves working to pull off the wedding of a century with only 30 days to make it happen. You know things are going to get interesting when you add in a college rival bad boy and of course Julia's precocious son Max. There are bound to be sparks flying in all kinds of directions and the best part of all is love is the reward in the end, but it might just surprise you with whom! I'd rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars because to sit down and inhale it all in one sitting is a sign of a great novel in my opinion.

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