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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beyond the Rapids - Giveaway and Review

Imagine you are a believer living in a communist country. You live with the knowledge that anytime you could be imprisoned, tortured, or killed simply because you are a Christian.

Beyond the Rapids by Evelyn Puerto is the true story of Ukrainian pastor Alexei Brynza and his wife, Valentina, who endured persecution in a culture that was hostile to their faith as they struggled to raise their four children as believers.

From the Great Terror of the 1930s to the time when believing in Christ is no longer a crime, this close knit Ukranian family quietly persisted through the years, trusting God for everything. The Brynza's children, forced to choose between God and the communist system, wrestled with temptations of ambition, popularity, love and wealth. For periods of their lives, one or more gave in. But God heard the faithful prayers of Alexei and Valentina, and eventually the Bryzna family was able to not only survive while serving God, but to thrive. Their son in law, Igor Yaremchuk, adds his own testimony of coming to Christ with the help of miracles and atheistic propaganda.

I received this amazing book of the Bryzna's testimony of God's faithfulness in all circumstances compliments of the author Evelyn Puerto for my honest review. I loved this book, not only based on all the details of just how difficult life was for the whole family but in knowing my own friends that have immigrated here from the Ukraine and knowing personally from them just how difficult life was for them being Christians.

The book details how difficult it was for them and how many times God came through for them in miraculous ways. One of them was when Valentina had developed a painful lump in her left breast, not only had it doubled in size but turned black and green and developed a horrible smell. She prayed to God to help save her because she couldn't imagine her children enduring life without her. When she realized was a foolish prayer it was to God saying that she doubted His ability to care for her children without her presence, she changed that prayer.

As she prepared for surgery to remove that breast, she felt a peace in her heart. As the doctors performed her biopsy to see how difficult the tumor was, all that came out was pus. There was nothing left to remove and surgery wasn't necessary after all. There are so many examples of just how God constantly showed His hand to this amazing family and just how it strengthened and challenged their faith.

This book rates a 5 out of 5 stars! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build their faith and make it stronger. Sometimes just seeing difficulties in others is such an encouragement in our own lives and shows us that God really does love and care for all of us. As you sail through your own torrents in your life, God will meet you right where you are and guide you to the smooth water beyond the rapids.

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