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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love On Assignment - Giveaway and Review

Charlotte Hale's caught between a rock and a hard place. When her editor, Mr. Arnold Phifer, presents her with a request to become one of the first female reporters for the Rhode Island Reporter, she jumps at the chance. However what Mr. Phifer is asking of her was to become a spy on a religious fanatic, an enemy of the American way of life. This was indeed a worthy endeavor for herself and for the publication.

If she could pull it off, she'd would make an instant name for herself. She'd have a career. A future. But as appealing as a journalism career might be, it didn't compare to the importance of paying off bills. She needed that peace of mind. With her sister's disability requiring expensive doctor visits for which she struggled to pay, she needed the job. All she needed to do was become a governess for Professor Daniel Wilmont of the Newport Gazette and search for evidence against him, find his Achille's heel.

However what she finds isn't what she expected when he turns out to be honorable and inspires her to rediscover her own faith in the process. Will she use this information to move her forward in her career or will she in turn find the love and faith she felt was lost in Daniel Wilmont?

In the second novel by Cara Lynn James, Love on Assignment, once more takes us, the reader into the difficult decisions that her main characters are challenged and faced with in the early 1900's in Newport, Rhode Island. Sometimes in the process what we search for isn't what we find after all.

I received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and loved this book as much as her first novel. The strong, yet soft female characters that Ms James uses to convey her story provides women with a true self of what it is to become a woman of God and faith. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. For more information on this book, the author and where to purchase a copy of the book, click on the title below:

Thanks to the generous folks at TLC Book Tours, they are offering a giveaway copy of this book to one lucky follower. Here are your guidelines:

1. Be a follower of this blog, Reviews From The Heart.

2. Be a resident of the US or provide a US shipping address.

3. Provide an email address so that I may contact you when the giveaway ends. You may use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols in your comment.

4. Leave me a comment and tell me why you'd love to win a copy. The giveaway will end on January 25th and I will notify the winner by email.


  1. Please enter me in this giveaway. I loved your review. I also like that this book is set in a different time period and in Newport Rhode Island (never been there).


  2. I'm amazed this went on back in the 1900s. Not so new. I'd be interested in how Charlotte handled the manner.

    I'm a follower. I'm citizen of MN, US.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  3. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower. I would love to read this book.

  4. I'm following. This sounds like a book I'd love to read.
    Theresa N

  5. Please include me. I have the first book in this series, and I really want to read the second. What a beautiful cover. I am a follower and live in Central NY USA.


  6. Great review. I'm very happy you enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for being on the tour!

  7. I want to win because I'm always looking for a good read!! I follow your blog and live in TN.



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