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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Guacamole

"If you are what you eat, make it hot, spicy, and irresistible!" ~ Chef Bonnie Miller

In light of all the cooking shows on the Food Network channels these days, we all have our personal favorites. Some are funny, others serious, but what they all have in common is the ability to create masterpieces using ingredients that will tempt our palates and make our mouths water.

Chef Bonnie Miller is just one of those amazing cooks. She currently is the host of Cowgirl Cuisine, a southwestern cooking show in which she is the star. Behind the scenes she is difficult to deal with, a prima donna of sorts, who believes that she alone holds the secrets to cooking anything great. In between shooting her show, she hosts a culinary boot camp in which people are selected and trained to work as an apprentice at her restaurant, the Blue Coyote, doing a wide variety of tasks.

Trace Domingo finds himself the newest foodie, in Bonnie's boot camp. Working at a variety of restaurants himself along the California and Mexico coastlines, he wants to work with Bonnie to enhance his culinary skills. What he doesn't plan on, is an adventure of a lifetime as he learns more than just culinary skills from Bonnie.

In the newest novel by Dan & Denise Harmer, Holy Guacamole, is part culinary cooking show humor combined with a bit of spiciness blended in between Bonnie and Trace and their unusual chemistry that develops along the way. Throw in a great cast of characters from Kelp, their Jamaican gardener, Tornado, the world's first surfing goat and Marley and Jimmy the Knife, his other two room mates at culinary school, and you have the recipe for a great book.

I received Holy Guacamole compliments of Glass Roads Public Relations for my honest review and LOVED it all. I have to say my favorite characters where Kelp and Tornado, that add just the perfect blend to keep you on your toes and moving the story forward! Part of the proceeds from the sale of each book is donated to Outside the Bowl ministry that provides food for orphans around the world. This one cooks up a 5 out of 5 stars and makes for a delicious summer read.

For more information about this book, the authors, and where to purchase a copy of this, click on the links below:

Outside the Bowl Ministries

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