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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Trigger

Josh McGuire, Scott Cunningham and Chief Yang all have a very important role to play in becoming the Trigger for Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They will be the team that will preach the final message to the last group of people who need to hear the message about Jesus Christ. Their prophetic message is "Do Not Fail".

While the forces of good and evil battle unseen in the fulfillment of the age old prophecy found within the final book of the Bible, Revelation, we see the wrath of the trumpets and bowls being poured out upon the Earth in God's judgement.

Josh McGuire is the pastor/missionary team member of a vast church that has grown with God's blessing over the years. In between conducting underground church movements in China and other countries, he is faced with being arrested in China by Chief Yang, who controls the MSS or equivalent of the CIA in China. They have evidence that he knows the names of Christians and their underground churches in China. Without disclosing that information he will be placed in one of China's prisons. Seeing the opportunity to preach the message of Jesus to the Chief, he discovers that he has been possessed by demons for three years. Only when he is free, does Chief Yang become the newest believer.

Scott Cunningham works with his church group in Australia conducting missionary work as well, and when the three men converge through prayer, they are provided with God's last remaining remnant that needs to here the message of redemption. Only the enemy isn't about to let that happen. Under the guise of reorganizing the United Nations, French president Dominic Dubois, takes over leadership of this new group in hopes of restoring the economies of the world, eliminating terrorism, and providing hope to a fallen world. He becomes the anti-christ of the Bible and thus the prophecies of the book of Revelation come to life in the pages of the latest novel by Hon Hoh, The Trigger, A Novel on The Revelation.

This action packed book unveils the consequences of the trumpet blasts and subsequent bowls of God wrath being unleashed through the fictional story of the coming Apocalypse on Earth. Time is running out for the final few to make their decision for Christ or accept the mark of the beast and face God's judgement on man. While Michael and Gabriel work to help the saints on Earth along with a multitude of angels, Satan and his legion are about to make sure he prevents the Trigger from being unleashed.

This book rates a 5 out of 5 stars for me and I received this book compliments of B & B Media Group for my honest review. This is another great book that uses the events describe in the book of Revelation from the Bible and shows a possible way it could take place in a fictional way, much like the Left Behind series did. This one portrays the rapture of the church coming after the Great Tribulation and shows what could happen if believers are on Earth when God's prophecy comes to the ultimate fulfillment in the year 2035. I couldn't stop until I read the final page. It's that good and a must-read. Every believer and non believer should read this book!

For even more great information on this book, the amazing author and where to pick up this book, click on the link below:

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