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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angel in the Storm - Book 2

A life hangs in the balance and the choice is put on table for Megan and her alone to choose. It seems that her soul is worth the challenge of Damon and it's the ultimate prize for him to win. This time the lives of those she loves will be placed at risk to see how far in her faith she is willing to go.

Her younger brother Max, hasn't yet made the decision to commit his life to Christ. Still not sure what he really believes, he has gone along with things like prayer because he's seen his parents do it. Yet when he prays he isn't sure that there is a God that can answer them. Now Max is missing from his family as Damon has sold him to a pedophile who can hurt him since God will not allow Damon to touch him.

Max realizes what is going on when he awakens after being drugged by Damon at a baseball game. He knows from talking to a young boy named Zero that his very life is in danger and he has to escape. Seeing opportunity above his head, he takes the mattress and climbs to the window, breaks it and escapes. Now he is running for not only his very life but for his soul as well.

Megan hasn't given up her search to find Max after the police believe she knows where he is. Not willing to tell the police she can see into the spiritual world and can see angels and demons, her best bet in clearing her name is to find Max before they find her. Working with her boyfriend Seth and friends, Vania, Robbie, Sam and an angel named Johnny, they set out for New Orleans to find Max.

Their only problem is that this world belongs to the enemy and he has eyes everywhere from the animals that crawl on the earth to the unsaved souls that walk the street and Damon will use whatever it takes to get to Megan before the hurricane arrives. Will Megan be able to find Max in time or will see be out to the ultimate test and choose her life to save another?

In Angel in the Storm, Book 2 in the Angel series by Lisa Grace, we pick up exactly where book 1, Angel in the Shadows leaves off. Max has been taken by Damon and the race is on to find him. Once more Megan's faith will be put to the ultimate test to see how far she is willing to go to save her friends and family. I believe the book is real in the sense that sometimes we don't always make the right choice but sometimes they seem right at the time. Megan's character is believable and shows that not all of her decisions are easy to make and some will have a lasting consequence.

The book also highlights God's role for angels in our lives and how our prayers may or may not affect how they can intervene and just how strong our faith needs to be in the one who created us not in the things he created. I think Lisa did a great job in the continuity of the sequel and once more finished it too soon. Now I have to wait til the fall to pick up book 3, Angel in the Ice. Can't wait to see how that one goes.

I received this eBook compliments of Lisa Grace for my honest review and once again can give it no less than 5 out of 5 stars. For those of you looking for the next great series to get excited about since Harry Potter and Twilight are over, you'll want to make sure you get hooked on this one. My recommendation is to read book 1 first to get completely addicted and the best part is you can head on over to Amazon and pick it up on the Kindle for only $ .99. For more information about this book, the author or where to pick this one up, please click on the links below:

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