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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Soul Less Broken

There are two things in the world that I would consider God's great gifts and that is love and friendship. You are a blessed person once you have the opportunity to experience the best of both of them in your life as some never experience them at all.

Catherine Wilcox has endured her fair share of storms in her life. Probably more so than we would ever experience in our own life time. Both of her parents died early in her life, with her mom passing later than her father of emphysema but not before she learned why her father never showed her much love. He had been having affairs while still married to her mom and was preparing to divorce her until he learned she was pregnant. Not wanting to look like a heel, he stayed but secretly despised Catherine and her mom until he died.

As Catherine studied to become a lawyer, she found herself in the law library late one night, wanting to impress her new potential employers, and upon exiting the building was brutally attacked, raped and left for dead. Rushing her to the hospital, she is cared for by Dr. Alan Peterson who realizes that this woman means more to him than just being his patient. He is about to discover his soul mate.

Now as Catherine begins to battle the demons of what happened to her, she finds solace in her crisis counselor, Madeline Jessops who will help her find a way to heal and in the process teach her how to love again.

In the debut novel, A Soul Less Broken by Helen Laibach, the reader is taken on a very emotional journey in dealing with tragedy, heartbreak, healing and restoration in the life of Catherine, Alan and Maddie. It's a such a wonderful lesson in how God can take the most broken places of our life and make them whole again if we are only willing to let Him. You will not be disappointed in this beautiful story.

I received this book compliments of Helen Laibach and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and this was such an inspirational and uplifting book for me. I can easily give this a 5 out of 5 stars and a must read for anyone looking to find the bright side to any circumstance they feel is simply beyond their reach to heal.

For even more information about this book, the author and where to pick up a copy of this book, please click on the links below:

A Soul Less Broken by Helen Laibach

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  1. What a horrible experience for a woman to be assaulted by a man.... Must stop and watch the video.


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