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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sometimes we stand at the crossroads at a point in our life wondering which direction we should take. We all want the very best in our lives and sometimes we often have to ask the question, just how far are you willing to go to get what you want?

John Tsiboukas has been trying to get his rock band, Ragman, to be all that he dreams it can be, even if some of those dreams turn into the most horrifying nightmares possible. The only problem with the band is that John can't sing. He's even managed to replace his lead guitar player with Stephanie Case whose stage presence alone makes the band popular, besides her amazing ability to play and the fact that most of the men who come to see her want to go out with her. Only John believes he can be great if only he could find a way to sing and his voice lessons don't seem to be helping him improve at all except to make his vocal coach a whole lot richer by taking his money.

A dark stranger appears one night at a concert which one more confirms that if John can't find a way to sing, they will soon find someone who can. He meets with John outside the college and offers him a ride. Sensing danger but also an overwhelming curiosity, he goes along. Not sure where they are headed, the stranger lets him out at a dark stretch of road and tells him that he can go no further, John must go alone from here.

When John crests the hill, he sees an old dead tree by a road and it appears to be much darker here than it should be. When a man appears and asks John want he wants most in life, he tells him to be able to use his voice to draw people to him, for fame and riches beyond anyone could imagine.

After that encounter, John changes, a darkness now settles over him but the most astonishing thing happens at their next concert. John can sing, and he can sing really well. After a series of concerts, it appears that the band is headed for success. But when things begin to happen once John begins to sing, the band finds out that the price for stardom might be higher than any of them could have ever imagined. Now people are winding up dead!

In the latest novel Voice by Joseph Garraty, we get a look at what happens when something appears to be too good to be true and a deal with the devil is made. This book is a twisted tale on what happens when a desire is taken too far and evil is unleashed.

I received this book compliments of Joseph Garrarty and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review. The story line is great and definitely keeps the suspense and thrills going to the end. Definitely on the creepy side. My warning for some of my readers is that it does contain a fair amount of profanity and some sexual content that would likely be found in a rock band scene, so it may not be suited for everyone. Those that enjoy a bit darker suspense thriller will be in for a ride when they pick this book up. I rate it a 3 of out 5 stars due to my rating scale for content.

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