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Monday, June 17, 2013

Stealing the Preacher

Whatever Joanna Robbins for her birthday, her father, Silas will make happen, even if it means breaking the law, stopping a train and kidnapping the preacher who is supposed to be on board. Silas hasn't forgotten his old outlaw ways after robbing enough stagecoaches and trains in his lifetime, fulfilling Joanna's only birthday wish seems easy enough to grant. However when Joanna learns just how her father has managed to bring her a preacher for her birthday, kidnapping one wasn't in her prayers or requests. Now if she can only manage to convince the preacher not to press kidnapping charges on her father.

When Joanna convinces Crockett Archer to spend a couple of hours with her listening to her reasons for wanting a preacher for her twenty-first birthday, he is more than intrigued. It is also the only way he can find freedom from the Lazy R Ranch that Robbins owns. Joanna takes Crockett to an abandoned church and tells him how difficult it has been for anyone to attend church since the local town is so far away from farming families and this old church has lost not only it's flock of believers but also any preacher wanting to stay long enough to give God a chance. Would Crockett be willing to find a preacher willing enough to give this small community a chance and she hopes in the process find a way to save her father's stubborn heart who just doesn't have time for God any longer? Seems like Crockett is about to get some interesting answers to just that very prayer when the job he was hoping to land in Brenham is given to another preacher and leaving Crockett high and dry in the middle of Texas without a job, thanks in part to Silas Robbins.

Joanna believes since her father is to blame for Crockett's lost job at the church since he was preventing from being able to preach in the local church, that her father owes Crockett a job at the ranch until they can begin to restore the old abandoned church to its former glory. Only Silas Robbins isn't a charitable man and gives all the worst and most difficult jobs to Crockett hoping that he will show just how weak a preacher man really is. But God has other plans for Silas Robbins and He's about to show him just how he can use man's weakness to bring about His own goodness and glory.

I received Stealing the Preacher compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. Historical Christian Westerns are one of my long time favorite genre's. Taking you back to a much simpler time, Karen Whitmeyer has done an exceptional job at pulling at your heartstrings in this novel. I love the way she uses the situations in this novel with Silas and Crockett almost like God pursing a lost sheep. All along the way it isn't so much what Crockett says, but the actions he does that reaches out to the hardened heart of Silas and offers him a glimpse of the life his former wife had prayed so long for before she died. I'd rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and finds its home along with my other Karen Whitmeyer novels. Welcome home Stealing the Preacher, welcome home! A must read for all western romance fans!!!

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