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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seal of God

From the moment you pick up Seal of God by Chad Williams, you will be completely hooked until the very end. We all have an interest in things we don't know an awful lot about, the secret training required of Navy SEALs, the bond that is created once you have passed all the grueling training that would leave most of us in the dust, but there is something honest about the story that Chad Williams shares about his own journey in trying to find something to fill the empty hole in his life. This is a true story of how one SEAL found God and how he is using his testimony to change lives forever.

Chad Williams wanted more than simply going through the motions required of us all. You attend school, graduate, head to college and plan on gaining an education that will set the foundation for the remainder of your life. But somewhere along the way, Chad realized he wanted something more than what everyone was doing. He wanted to make his life count for something more than a paper you hang on the way. He wanted to be able to look back and be amazed he did something that only a handful would ever dream of doing. He wanted to become a Navy SEAL.

His father was less than thrilled to learn that Chad was giving up on the college dream to pursue something he didn't believe Chad could do. Mostly into hanging out with his skateboarding buddies, partying from the success he found at being a professional skateboarder and earning sponsors like Vans, Chad enjoyed the popularity and fame that came from that but something was still missing. He vowed he would endure whatever Hell the military would put him through just to make it to the end, despite what his father felt was sure to be a bonafide attempt and failure. In fact before Chad even made it to training and enrollment, his father, contacted a Navy SEAL and begged him to show Chad he didn't have what it took to even begin this journey into the military. The man agreed to meet Chad and invited him to "come and play" via an email. Was Chad up for the challenge?

The challenge would be something that would change not only Chad, but his father and the man who would train him and become his mentor through Chad's entire journey, US Navy Seal, Scott Helvenston. What started out as an effort to make something of himself to be proud of, would take him into a journey of darkness and horror beyond anything most of our minds can't comprehend and in the end would leave him a far different man than he ever dreamed possible.

I received Seal of God by Chad Williams as a purchase and did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review. I had the rare opportunity to witness Chad Williams speak at our church in California, and he is both engaging, charismatic and convincing. His testimony speaks of the love of friendship, the bond of brothers the SEALs share, the price of revenge, and the cost of loss of life of those we love and admire. It is a heart-breaking journey into the darkness of finding it all, achieving success and winding up empty when you arrive because the fulfillment we find when we rise to the top of corporate ladders is empty and the only thing there is people trying to knock you off and take your place at all costs. This is an eye opener for any one looking to find purpose in their own life. For Chad Williams, the journey wasn't an easy one, one he might not want to take again, but it is one worth all the blood, sweat and tears he faced to get where he is today. In my opinion, well worth every 5 out of 5 stars. For those looking at what it really takes to get into the Navy SEALs or to find purpose in your own life, check this one out.

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