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Friday, August 22, 2014

When Calls the Heart - Second Chances

Just on the cusp of the first season coming to a close, When Calls The Heart, a series from the Hallmark Channel and adapted from the best-selling series from Janette Oke, finds a calling in the hearts of television viewers. Now this amazing series is available on DVD, and Second Chances, finds Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) at her wits end after finding out that the man she was falling for, Billy Hamilton was only out for Elizabeth's family fortune. When Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing), lets it slide that Elizabeth has no money, Billy decides Coal Valley isn't for him after all. Now Elizabeth begins to doubt her own emotions and once again is indebted to Jack. Jack struggles to find a way to convey the true feelings he has for Elizabeth and offers to take her to dinner, but with a lack of somewhere to take her in town, besides the saloon. Jack opts to help Elizabeth out with one of her students so they can spend time together.

Elizabeth is excited when a shipment of books arrives to aid one of her students Bo Grady that is struggling to read. She feels that if she can get him excited about reading it might provide a light to a future outside of mining.  It seems that the more Jack tries to convey his feelings for Elizabeth, the more he puts his foot in his mouth. Once again the two find themselves at odds. Elizabeth finds solace in talking things over with her friend, Abigail Stanton who dreams of opening a restaurant in Coal Valley. But first she has to get permission from Mr. Gowen, who owns everything in Coal Valley, including the mining company. Even though the store has sat vacant, she seems determined that she can make it work and its something the town of Coal Valley can use. But Mr. Gowen seems determined to prove to Abigail that a woman can't succeed at anything without his help. The only way he'll provide the cafe to Abigail is if she is willing to leave the row house she's lived in since her husband and son died.

Adam Miller is about to make his homecoming after corresponding with his family while recovering from the mining accident. What he failed to tell them was he has lost his legs, even though his family is more than thrilled to have him home, he sees himself as less than a man, and one that won't be able to provide for his family.  He realizes that even though he is finally home, it may not be the best place for his family. Now if they can only convince him that it isn't about his leg that makes him a husband and father. Things are about to get interesting when Elizabeth is put in charge of the annual production of the Coal Valley Founder's Day parade with no time to prepare and everyone has the highest expectations that it simply be the best. But will it?

I received When Calls the Heart: Second Chances compliments of Word Films, the Hallmark Channel and Edify Media Inc for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. Not since Little House on the Prairie has their been a series this good and I am thrilled that I am able to share this with my entire family. It is produced from Michael Landon Jr who is following in his father's footsteps with producing family friendly shows. I love that we can all sit and enjoy something that is wholesome, without any questionable content, and suitable for all ages. There is so many great things about each episode and in this one it is all about second chances for each of the characters, from Jack and Elizabeth attempting to work on building their relationship, showing Bo Grady there is more to life than mining, and even for Abigail who has the opportunity to begin rebuilding her life after losing her husband and son. Hands down for me, one of my favorite series brought to television, and I can't wait for season two to begin soon. This DVD rates a 5 out of 5 stars and is part of the When Calls The Heart series. You will want to pick them all up and watch it from the beginning. This DVD is 85 minutes long. This is the fourth in the series to date.

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  1. I loved this series and cannot wait for the second season!!!


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