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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Healer's Touch

Combining the legend of the Ozark Spook lights along with a bit of western romance, best-selling author Lori Copeland takes us back in time in The Healer's Touch, her latest novel from Harvest House Publishers. The novel opens with the mystery of the lights seen on a deserted stretch of gravel road, known to the locals as the Spook lights. Some argue that the lights can be explained by headlights from the cars traveling along old Route 66, which would be fine, except that the lights began before the road was constructed and cars were invented. Whatever they are, they are a supporting character found in this novel set in the late 1800's in Missouri, where the majority of the people living just outside of Joplin, fear the Bolton family. They believe that the old woman who lives in the house that is just plain mad is responsible for those mysterious lights that no one can explain and the reason why no one ventures up to the Bolton home.

Good thing for Lyric and Lake, who care for their aging and ill mother, that the town has for the most part left them alone in Bolton Holler. Believing that she is moments from dying, Lyric is buying her time to save as much money as she can so they can leave this place and move to where people stop judging others based on what they think they know. .What she doesn't expect is to find her barn door destroyed late one night, and an injured man laying beneath the shattered remnants of her door. Believing he is one of the Younger brothers, a notorious gang of outlaws living in Missouri, she believes she is in for a reward if she can convince the sheriff to come and get him. She didn't count on the sheriff being so afraid that he refuses to venture up to her property to identify him. Now she will have to find a way to get the man to town in order to collect her reward and hopefully get out of town a whole lot sooner than she expected.

Now if she can figure out who this man is, but unfortunately not even he can help. Seems that running into her barn door that night has caused him to lose whatever memory he had and he isn't able to provide any identification, since he isn't carrying any. How can Lyric be sure that by turning over this man to the sheriff that she won't be sentencing an innocent man to hanging if he isn't guilty? How will they ever figure out just who this man really is? If he isn't wanted, then she will be living here a whole lot longer than she wanted since she doesn't have enough money for them to leave right now.

I received A Healer's Touch by Lori Copeland compliments of Harvest House Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I love the combination of the mysterious lights along with the western romantic flair. It's like Ghost Hunters meets Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. The beginning of this one was a bit slow and took me a bit to get into the story, but about 1/3 of the way through, I was engaged in the dilemma that Lyric faces in how to determine the outcome of a man's fate when she didn't know if he was a wanted man or not. In a time when information was slow coming and justice was doled out swiftly, it would be easy to wonder how many innocent men might have been hanged based on hearsay instead of known facts. For those that love a bit of western romance along with the mysterious spook lights, you will definitely want to pick this one up. I even found myself researching them on YouTube. You just might be surprised at what you will find! I'd rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and it includes a discussion guide at the conclusion of this novel.

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