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Friday, December 12, 2014

Vernon House

It is so hard at times to know a good book from a great book simply based on the cover, but I am immediately drawn to pick this one up because I am a huge fan of creepy suspenseful books. In fact before I became a Christian, I was drawn to that genre. Doesn't this one look amazing? It's a powerful story tucked into a small amount of time, but trust me, by the time you get to the end, you will be sad that it is over. To me, a sign of an exceptional novel, compelling storyline and fantastic writing. Sandra Russel Farris, you have me sold on this one.

Vernon House is part historical and past ghost story. Fans of Stephen King, James Rupart, Ted Dekker and Greg Mitchell with LOVE this short story. Jennifer Hayes is what you would call a restoration specialist and bonafide house flipper. She's been buying homes, fixing them up and selling them for a tidy profit, but in the case of Vernon House, a Queen Anne Victorian, this is a definite keeper. Despite the rumors that the house is believed to be haunted, she doesn't believe in ghosts and hopes to eventually live here once the renovations are complete. Undeterred by the noises she can't explain she uncovers a set of stairs to the attic that have been boarded up behind an old closet.

As she ventures upstairs, she finds what one would expect to find in an old attic, boxes and trunks of stuff belonging to the former owners of the home, Herbert and Rosalyn Vernon. When she opens an old domed hinged travel trunk, she finds an old wedding dress wrapped in tissue paper along with a letter. It is addressed to Mrs. Vernon and provides details that the person she wanted taken care of will no longer pose a problem and is expecting the promised payment along with vague initials R. M. It is a definite mystery to solve and soon becomes very apparent as Jennifer uncovers the murder plot of the former owner Herbert Vernon that some spirits want to ensure that secret stays dead and buried. But there are no such things as ghosts, or are there?

I received Vernon House by Sandra Farris compliments of the author herself without any monetary compensation for a favorable review. The opinions contained here are strictly my own unless otherwise noted. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and read it in just under an hour. The suspense is amazing in such a short story and really drives the momentum of the story to its cliff hanger ending of sorts, leaving the option open to continue to saga, which this reader hopes she will do in the very near future. The characters are definitely believable and my favorite hands down is Herbert Vernon. I can't wait to read many more like this in the future if Sandra Farris is expecting to expand her literary genres and easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars. This book is currently available as an eBook for your favorite electronic reader at this time.

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