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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy, Calm and Focused - Product Review

Being a huge health nut and believer in natural supplements and food to inspire and provide just what we need to stay healthy, I took the opportunity to review a product known as H.C.F. or as the acronym conveys, Happy, Calm and Focused from the manufacturers of the product. It promised enhanced benefits to those who are looking for a natural alternative to help maintain brain focus and retention. As I have gotten older, I noticed immediately that I am lagging in that area being over 50. I've tried other supplements you can obtain from your local health store or vitamin shop and was really anxious to see if these would work as promised. Here is what the company has to say about their product:

The advantage HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused® has over other brain supplements is simple. Typical brain supplements and memory nutrients rely on high-dose “50-ingredients-in-one” glorified multi-vitamins or just herbs to artificially give your brain a lift. HCF supports feeding your brain’s own neurotransmitters with what it is supposed to have—F and Q Amino Acids. So you can stay at your best longer without fear of crashing. In other words, you can get the happiness, calmness, and focus you need to turn possibility into reality, whether you’re shooting for a championship or just trying to make it through your long work day.

I was really hoping after much research into the product that it would work as promised. For me unfortunately I noticed no changes in my mood, my ability to stay focused on tasks or any noticeable improvement at all. The product does state that time is required before you notice anything, but after 30 days of taking it still nothing. My research into the product shows it does work for some customers and I was hopeful it would work for me as well. Unfortunately this one didn't deliver.

I do love the fact that the company provides a product that isn't filled with chemical and unknowns and the list of ingredients on the bottle you get is strictly vitamins, amino acids and minerals that you can find naturally not filled with things you don't know what they are. The product can be taken with up to 6 pills per dose which I would find is a bit much for anyone who is buying this product for the reason it was intended. They do give up a full bottle right up to the lid which is unlike some supplements. Since I agreed to provide an honest review of the product, I can say for me it didn't work but it might for someone else.

I received H.C.F. compliments of the HCF Company for my honest review and did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review other than a complimentary bottle of the HCF product. In being honest, I can say it didn't work for me, but it might be worth a try for someone else looking for a natural health supplement. I'd have to rate this product a 2 out of 5 stars because it does use natural vitamins and amino acids in the product. For me, I have had better results with other products in the past and will not be purchasing this product in the future.

For more information about HCF or Happy, Calm and Focused, please click on the links below:

To purchase this product, you can visit Amazon. com . 

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