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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rise of the Fallen

Angels were created long before humans were and as such, they have been there to witness the creation of the world. They hold some valuable positions in the Heavenly Realm, some act as messengers like the Archangel, Gabriel, others are warriors like the Archangel, Michael and still others have found another purpose like Lucifer, once the most beautiful of all of God's created angels before he believed he was higher in authority than God and succeeded in persuading a third of the heavenly angels to follow him to the earth.

In the amazing new young adult series from Chuck Black, Wars of the Realms, Rise of the Fallen is the second book to make its way into the series. While I was anticipating a continuation of sorts from the first novel, Cloak of the Light, this was a very different sequel. In this one, Chuck takes readers back in time to the creation of the world and showcases how the rebellion of the fallen took place and how it will subsequently impact the lives of the characters we find in this series. From the initial rebellion, to the many events in history that showcase how evil has tried to take precedence over the humans God so lovingly created from that moment in the Garden of Eden with Eve, to the corruption that impacted the God's decision to cleanse the Earth with the flood.

While this is merely written from a fictional perception, Chuck references biblical facts through the use of bold text and a great reference at the conclusion of the book that highlights the biblical implications used to complete the storyline. In this novel, we see how an angel Validus who was the last created angel feels less than worthy considering his angelic role at first, not a warrior, not a messenger, he finds himself in without a place among God's elite until the fall of Lucifer. He is then assigned a role before the birth of Jesus Christ, as a warrior angel to help control the evil that is taking both human lives and angelic lives in the spiritual and physical realms. He soon finds allies with a group of angels known at the One Hundred who befriend him and make him feel like a part of God's plan. It won't be until the rebellion in Heaven when Validus will have to make up his own choice to be part of God's plan or find his calling in Lucifer's domain on earth.

The novel is written as a chronological look back into the history of earth and how evil might have played a role in being instruments of the fallen to use humans to gain an upper hand in taking over the earth. It moves slowly forward to the present where we find Validus has been assigned a new role that of an assistant guardian to watch over Drew Carter, the main character in the first novel. It is through the marriage of these two novels that the reader can see what is happening though the eyes of the angels in the spiritual world while at the same time, connecting these events to the first novel in a quick look back before the end of the book. Now the two stories are complete and can move forward to the final epic battle between good and evil in both world in the next novel in the series.

I received Rise of the Fallen by Chuck Black compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I absolutely love how Chuck decided to write this novel because there is so much information you want to pass along before you move your story forward for readers to truly understand the impact that demons and angels have in our lives as both believers and non believers in Jesus Christ. It is truly eye opening and made me really consider just how much goes on in our daily lives where we are simply unaware and just how powerful prayer really is. Now I can't wait for the next novel in this exciting new supernatural spiritual warfare series and one I can easily give a 5 out of 5 stars too!

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