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Monday, March 2, 2015

Then Sings My Soul

One of the best reasons for loving books is that often times as you read them you get insight into a part of history you never knew before as the author uses a particular setting or real life story as the inspiration of their novel. Amy K. Sorrells does just that in Then Sings My Soul, her latest Christian Historical novel.

The story intersects throughout the novel between life in 1904 to present day as Eleanor "Nel" Stewart returns home after learning her mother has passed away. She has wanted to come home before this but simply never had the time and now as she prepares for her mother's funeral, she also comes full term to the realization that her father, Jakob is dealing with dementia. Their families past is rich in historical detail as Jakob remembers fleeing the Ukraine as a Jewish boy to come to America for a better life. It's those long pain ridden memories that Jakob shares in subsequent chapters that shows the horror he and his older brother Peter shared as the genocide took place eliminating anyone of Jewish origin and Jakob's survival was based on his ability to hide when his family was killed.

It is a horror no one with dementia would ever want to revisit as they find themselves locked into a past they only wish to forget. For Nel, she witnesses the man she adored and looked up to become a fragile shell of who he once was as she learns more about the families past while working to resolve her families estate and help her father with his illness. Her experience as a lapidarist is evident as she spent her childhood with her father watching him cut gems into beautiful jewelry, something she treasures as something they both loved to do to help support them. She learns about how much her father refuses to accept that God was in control despite all the horrors he had to witness in his life despite the faith of those around him.

I received Then Sings My Soul by Amy K. Sorrells compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and David C. Cook Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are my own.  This is such a beautiful story of hope because you can relate to what Jakob has had to endure his whole life. People telling him about God's faithfulness but despite their faith terrible things still happened to his family. It would definitely cause one to be hardened to those things as his life wore on and that comes across through Amy's novel. It's about getting to the end of your life and taking a hard look back and realizing that God was there all along even though He didn't do the things you would have wanted him to do. I'd rate this one, a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion. At the end of the novel you'll find the personal story behind the novel as well as some reader discussion questions just perfect for a book club group.

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