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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Heart's Danger

As part of an ongoing Journey of the Heart series, from best-selling author Colleen Coble, A Heart's Danger is the third book that is being reprinted. Once written more than 10 years ago, Colleen along with Thomas Nelson Publishers are bringing back one of her first series back to print in installments. The previous two, A Heart's Disguise and A Heart's Obsession have followed the relationship of Rand Campbell and Sarah Montgomery who were once promised to be married, but through a serious of circumstances have now gone their separate ways even though their love hasn't.

While they are living at Fort Laramie, the Indian hostilities are growing and require armed escorts for the women if they venture outside the walls. Ben Croftner hasn't abandoned his plans to marry Sarah and see the demise of Rand after all this time. Now working in conjunction with Rand's fiancee Jessica Dubois, the two figure if they can work on a plan, they will both get what they want in the end. Sarah is still trying to work on moving forward in her life and hopes that a future with one of the men from the fort, will provide the stability she needs for both herself and her brother Joel. She respects that Rand has proposed and plans to wed Jessica, but hopes that somewhere along the way, things might work out in the end for them both to find happiness.

Now that winter has set in, supplies are hard to come by for the Indians and soon one of Sarah's Indian friends succumbs to the effects of pneumonia despite not wanting to live among the white men for safety and security. It is heartbreaking for Sarah to understand the differences between the cultures and how the Indians are having to deal with the issues plaguing them by the greed of the white men like Ben who will trade anything to get what he wants even if it means bringing them to the brink of war?

I received A Heart's Danger by Colleen Coble compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. After reading this series so far, I am once more drawn to the life that people faced in the Old West. The uncertainty of life from one day to another would have been overwhelming and never knowing if the man you loved would make it home or not, was something women had to contend with. Besides the effects of the weather, there were risks of growing hostility among the Indians and those living in the Fort. It wasn't an easy life and one that required a deep sense of faith to make it from one day to the next. This certainly comes across in each of these books from the Journey of The Heart Series. It was a step of faith that Sarah and Rand have to contend with in each difficult circumstances that they face and one that will only make them grow stronger in the end. This one is definitely worth 5 out of stars!

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Sarah risks everything to expose the betrayal threatening the man she loves—but will the risk be worth it? Find out in book three, A Heart's Danger, of Colleen Coble's A Journey of the Heart series. Rand’s new fiancĂ©e wants to keep him from returning to Sarah Montgomery . . . for whom his heart clearly still yearns. Sarah just wants to move on with her life at Fort Laramie, but doing so under the watchful eyes of both Campbell—the man whose love she craves—and Croftner—the man whose lies have cost her everything.

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