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Friday, May 8, 2015

Get To me

What do you do when you know the person sitting in front of you is meant to be part of your future? What do you say? How will you be able to convince her that there is simply more there than simple attraction? For police detective, Dane Scott, he truly has his work cut out for him, that is if he can keep his mind on work and not Aimee Jansenn.

Since meeting her at her brother Ben's wedding, he hasn't been able to think of anything else except how to put some distance between them. Dane isn't ready to make any type of future with any woman especially considering a past he can't and won't forget. If only it was that easy to convince his heart of that simple truth, but no matter how much he tries to keep his feelings for her hidden, he isn't able to do that.

No matter where he goes Aimee always turns up. Fate? Perhaps, but when she witnesses a drug deal gone bad and a murder, Dane knows that there is no way he will let anything happen to Aimee, and not just because she is his best friend's sister. He is hoping that things will not getting any more dangerous for Aimee when the murderer happens to be a notorious drug lord. Things just went from bad to worse and Dane now knows it is only a matter of time before Damien finds Aimee and ensures that there are no more witnesses to his crime that could put him away for a very long time.

I received Get to Me by Lara Van Hulzen compliments of Create Space Independent Publishing Platform for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. I absolutely loved this romance that readers caught a glimpse of in Remember Me, the first novel in the Men of Honor's series. This expands on that sizzling connection and in light of Aimee's life now being threatened only brings Dane's feelings for her closer to the surface. But now he has to reconcile with his past before he can move forward with his future and that is where the story gets interesting. Readers also get introduced to Torie, Aimee's best friend and roommate, also a cop for San Diego's police force and Keith Scott, Dane's brother serving in the Marines. Looks like romance readers will have their hands and hearts full in the next novel in this series soon! For me, this one easily scores a 5/5 stars in my opinion. There is just the right amount of chemistry and sparks flying between them both to keep any hopeful romantic busy!

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