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Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Arrives in Pieces

For most of us, we have had a past relationship that didn't end up the way we wanted and we both went separate ways. Sometimes they ended on good terms and often times, there is hurt and pain that accompanied that parting of the ways. But for Stella Varland and Chase Taylor, they are struggling in different ways to come to terms with a new future neither of them could have predicted.

For Stella Varland, always the pageant queen, at least in the eyes of her mother, she perceived her beauty as something that would always keep her husband Dillion's interest. It was the one thing that attracted him to her, but after five years, something better come along in the form of a red head, and he felt he no longer loved Stella any longer. How can that be? She still maintain her beauty pageant looks and figure but now it seems that is no longer the basis for keeping your husband in your marriage.

Chase Taylor, lost the love of his life when she died before they ever had a chance to get married. While others are insisting he move forward in his life, it isn't something Chase is ready to do quite yet. Funny how that happens, people always think they know what is best for you without knowing how you really feel on the inside. Now since moving back to his hometown of Bayou Bend from Texas, he is hoping that working on renovation of the town's old theater will give him the much needed break from the past and everyone who is connected with his former life. He just never dreamed the interior designer on the project would be the woman who held his heart so long ago, Stella Varland. But she is no longer looking like the beauty queen from long ago, and harbors a sense of sadness that he can relate to, and one that has taken the light she once had! Can he find a way to restore the light she once had and perhaps in the process give them a new future they had only dreamed about once upon a time ago?

I received Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St. Amant compliments of Zondervan Publishing and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This is such a wonderful heartwarming novel, because like Betsy's previous novel, All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes, we get a taste of romance in an unpredictable way. Kat and Lucas are both part of this novel as well so readers who remember them from that novel will be happy at the continuation of sorts we find in this one. I love that there isn't a one solution fixes all in this one and things are just tied up in a pretty bow and everything is perfect. Because that is not how real life is, and that is why I find myself drawn to Betsy's novels in the first place. In my opinion, this is just another winning novel that has found a permanent place on my library shelf and worth all 5 out of 5 stars. Discussion guide questions are included in this novel that makes it the perfect choice for book clubs as well.

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