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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Choosing

"Truth Six: Not to be chosen would yield a cruel fate of my own making."

You are nothing.

The statements stuck  on repeat and Carrington couldn't turn them off - because they were true, because she was nothing. This was of her own making. As her mother reminded her before she left, she was not chosen. She is nothing.

Carrington Hale, thought despite all her efforts and that of her mother, that she would be chosen. That even right now, she would be with a man who would choose her as his future wife and the mother of their children, instead of where she is right now. Stripped of everything she was before arriving at the Stacks, her new home and wearing the new label of Lint. One who now serves the rest of the city doing whatever trade she would be assigned. She couldn't go back. She would have to accept her new fate. She must remember "As God set forth the law, so the law must be obeyed." This is her new life.

In the debut novel from author Rachelle Dekker, The Choosing is a Christian dystopian novel that combines what I would call a cross between The Divergent Series and The Hunger Games, but with a definite Christian twist. This is one series you won't want to miss and you are immediately hooked from page one.

Girls that are 17 find themselves preparing for what is called the Choosing Ceremony. They have planned for this moment their entire lives. Hoping to catch one man's eye since women were seen as having to submit to man's authority and thus to serve in the capacity of starting a home and family by being chosen! For Carrington Hale, she was at the top of her class and never for one minute did her family ever dream that she wouldn't. Now faced with no longer being able to see or visit with her family, she has been relegated to dwell as a Lint in one of many assigned trades that serve the Capital. It is the last place any one would want to live. Lints are the lowest form of citizen in the city and no one was allowed to interact with them.

Issac Knight is known as the Authority, the ruling class that sets the example of law and order for those that live in the city. Since the Ruining, he has been able to create a way of life that everyone in the city deems is appropriated following the examples laid out in the book of Veritas. His word is law and anyone who conflicts with the laws are punished. No one dares question the Authority as that is how they have all managed to survive. Now with his wife passing away, he hopes to convince the Council that he should take another wife, since he has no son to pass along his position as heir. Will Carrington get another chance at redemption or will this be a fate worse than death?

I received The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker as a self purchase from Tyndale House Publishers and received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. All I know after reading this one, is Ted Dekker has competition in his daughter's amazing ability to pull on the heart strings of what every woman faces, the need for affirmation of our self worth. I absolutely LOVE the science fiction flair that she incorporates this theme that Carrington struggles with in resolving who she really is outside from what others believe she is. The twist to this one is one you won't want to miss as someone is killing Lints in hopes of redeeming them to holiness from the level that have fallen as societies lowest form of life, while another named Aaron is convincing them that there is another way outside of what the Authority deems is righteous and true. I literally inhaled this novel in one sitting because it is that engaging and one that provides such interaction with the reader, you have to keep going to see how it will all play out. The only downside is the sequel to this isn't available until spring of 2016. This is the first novel in the Seer series and one this reader will definitely be waiting for. 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion!!!

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