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Monday, June 1, 2015

Saving Mossy Point

Throughout all of human history, never would people have ever thought that our national parks would face closure simply based on financial issues, yet that is such the premise in the latest novel by Donna Winters, Saving Mossy Point. As money gets tight, Mossy Point State Parkfaces closure unless it can find a way to end this year in the black, but it will take some creativity to make that happen and Betty Hanson, a widow and long time resident of Mossy Point fears that unless they find a way, the town that depends on the tourists that come to visit the park, will move away and leave Mossy Point, a ghost town along with several other state parks throughout the country that are facing the same financial pressures.

With the help of several volunteers and residents, Betty seeks to renovate an old Lahti cabin would be just the perfect location to offer a folk school, a place where people could come and learn a trade, from photography lessons, painting or arts and crafts. She is hoping to get just as creative on locating the supplies they will need to pull this off, she can only hope it is not as bad as she remembers. In the midst of getting this program underway, Betty's grandson shows up unexpectedly at her home with just the clothes on his back. He's supposed to be in college, but he soon tells her he has made his way across the country to arrive at her home hoping she might allow him to stay. One thing is for sure, Betty can use an extra set of hands from Carlos in a way to help pay for the clothes and food he is sure to need staying with her. But will it be enough? Mossy Point State Park has not turned a profit since the park opened in 1959. One thing for sure is its going to take a miracle to make this happen!

I received Saving Mossy Point by Donna Winters compliments of Upon The Rock Publicists and Bigwater Publishing for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review outside of a complimentary copy of the novel. The opinions contained in this are strictly my own. The best part of this novel is the wonderful set of characters that are part of bringing this story to life. I love how there are two vastly different groups who have alternative plans for the park and soon find themselves working against one another to accomplish their own purposes. This would make an exceptional summer read for young adults looking for a great novel with a conservation theme and being good stewards of what God has so richly blessed us with. I'd rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This is the 17th book in the Great Lakes Romance Series!

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  1. Many thanks for posting your review of Saving Mossy Point! I appreciate the message you have shared about this story!
    Donna Winters


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