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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Forgotten Way - Meditations

Ted Dekker is by far a house hold name for most Christians! Besides being a well known and best selling author, Ted Dekker's novels take the reader into places they never expected to go and always come away with a sense of having experienced something a bit more than most readers do after a great novel. Their lives are changed. It is more than to say its a sense of bewilderment, but I would call it an awakening instead. Its like we have known this all along and have to be reawakened to remember who we really are.

Whether it is through a novel surrounding any variety of genre's, Dekker awakens the soul in all of us. In The Forgotten Way, it is a book that is much deeper than anything he has ever written. Almost prophetic in nature, you feel as if the words he writes are from someone much older and with that sage like wisdom and mystery about them. This is a book of meditations geared to take the reader on the path of Yeshua for power and peace in this life. Often throughout this book he utilizes the analogy of Clark Kent who forgets that he has the ability and power of Superman and so spends a vast part of his life living in the darkness of who he could be.

Much like us as believers we find ourselves trapped into getting so immersed in the world and what is going on that we forget that as believers in Yeshus, we are merely passing through hoping to make this world a better place and remind other of His love. This isn't getting all caught up in religious dogmas of various religions but in understand who we are as sons and daughters of Yeshua and what power we have once we realize that. We don't have to be bound by the standards of the world. When we learn to let go of the worldly and embrace our spiritual awareness we can be free to love as Yeshua loved even his enemies. It is why most people don't understand the very nature of who Jesus was and the life He lived when he was with us. This book helps believers to understand that somethings what happens in this life, is not what God sees. We need to change our spiritual perspective in order to deal with life here on earth. Perhaps my favorite quote in the entire book is simply, "Remember, what you believe about yourself never defines you' only what your Father believes about you truly defines you. Your beliefs and perceptions, however, do define the experience you have in this world."

I received The Forgotten Way by Ted Dekker as a self purchase and was not required to give a favorable review. However being such a fan of his literary works and how much novels like A.D. 30 and A.D. 33 along with the Outlaw Chronicles series like Hacker, Identity and Water Walker, have created a spiritual awakening, I knew I wanted more. It's like getting inside a brilliant man's mind to see what makes it tick and you might be surprised at what you'll find when you do. For me the journey is just begin but now I am wide awake, with eyes wide open and aware of whom I am in Yeshua. Can't wait to go back now and reread not only the Forgotten Way but these other books I've mentioned. Great minds when synced up think alike not only spiritually but on a different conscious level and this the reason I'd rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars. Currently this book is not available for sale at this time but may become available at a later date.

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