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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Spirit of Fear

Eric M. Hill is an amazing author who writes in my favorite genre! I guess most contemporaries would label his books at Speculative Fiction, but to me it's almost like Christian horror with a Godly message behind it all. If you have ever wondered if there was an issue with things like Near Death Experiences, reincarnation, sèances, telekinesis, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, crystal balls, mediums, fortune tellers, or even astral projection, I would encourage you to pick up this book which is the first book in the Demon Stronghold Series, and starts with the Spirit of Fear.

In this world while it might be hard to believe for some, there is an unseen realm where spirits dwell. Angels and demons. Good and evil. The things we tend to get involved with however seemingly innocent could very well have tragic spiritual consequences without you ever knowing about it and then wonder why things in your life are spinning out of control. You have opened a door into your body that allows demons to take control over the aspects that you experimented with without realizing it.

In The Spirit of Fear, Daniel and Elsie are struggling to find resolution in their marriage especially considering that Elsie's family suffers from a mental disorder no one has been able to diagnosis because the women in the family are so afraid of what it might be they have resolved to live out their fears in the safety of their homes. It has been something that has been passed down through the generations beginning with her grandmother and now just days before her thirty-sixth birthday Elsie wonders if it will strike her as well. All she knows is that after years of studying to become a neurosurgeon, she quit and walked away just before she finished her final years of school. She was afraid she wouldn't succeed and that was what was causing the fiction between her and Daniel, both devout atheists. They had dreamed of the perfect life together and literally everything was falling into place until this.

Daniel knew this was not something he would live with especially if it impacted their daughter Amanda who was suffering from nightly night terrors until her twin sister Anna, prayed over their daughter and the fears seemed to have left. He isn't sure what is going on but like other members in Elsie's family, he isn't sure he can handle her spending her days hid in a home afraid to go out anywhere. What kind of life is that? When Elise and Amanda have a fateful encounter with an old woman at Starbuck's things begin to shift in the spiritual realm for both better and worse. For Elise, she isn't ready to accept that there is a God or that there is anything wrong with her. She vows that she can handle whatever life deals her on her own without anyone or any God's help. Soon she will learn that without God's help and dabbling in your own research into fighting this generational curse will take more than she has and might cost her everything she holds dear.

I received The Spirit of Fear by Eric M. Hill compliments of SunHill Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest and personal review. I absolutely LOVED this new series and can only imagine how far Eric will take this one. The most exciting part about this was thinking how wonderful it might be to have my name added in this series, and got a divine surprise when the old women in the book went by Miss Malak, my maiden name. I've always known that it has meant messenger or angel so it was super nice to see that when I least expected it. The best part of this book is the awareness of how innocent things like I mentioned in the opening paragraph can be and what effects it has on the person who is doing them without their knowledge. Hopefully this will be picked up by lots of believers and non believers alike and lives will be forever changed. For me, I'd rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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