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Monday, April 4, 2016

Last Promise

Perhaps my favorite novels are those that combine two different genres into one unforgettable story as Last Promise by Scarlett Dunn. This is the last novel in the McBride Brothers trilogy and highlights the final romance of Luke McBride, one of three brothers running the McBride Cattle Ranch. While his other brothers have found true love on the frontier, the last thing on Luke's mind is marriage. He loves the wild and single lifestyle and being graced with great looks and charisma, he has no problem finding suitable companionship in Promise, Wyoming especially with the soiled doves at the saloon in town. He only problem is convincing them, he is not ready to settle down and get married. He loves his life just fine.

Mary Ann Hardwicke is leaving her life behind in England where her father has all but made up his mind about her. He believes that her recent encounter with Edmund Stafford has left her compromised and thus the need for her to wed. But that isn't what happened, she was trying to get away from him and her dressed ripped when he wouldn't release her. Now her only hope to get some much need perspective from her controlling father is to leave west and stay with her Uncle George who owns a hotel in Promise, Wyoming. She just never expected to see such differences in cultures between being a future heiress in England and learning to make her own way out West.

When the two collide, Mary Ann's opinion of Luke is just what she sees, a man who is what she has read about, a pistolier, and she has made her mind, she isn't going to have anything to do with him, especially when he makes promises to the women he escorts around time to show them a good time. Luke is about to lose his senses when a beautiful woman arrives from the stage and literally takes his breath away with her beauty and poise. He just never expected a fight to happen right in front of her as one of the drunken men stumbled out of the saloon and right into one the women he was escorting to lunch. He just never expected to defend his own honor as well as hers. Now he will stop at nothing to turn her head and make her see a side of him that no one else but his family does or die trying.

I received Last Promise by Scarlett Dunn compliments of Zebra Publishing and Net Galley for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free eBook in exchange for my honest and personal evaluation of the book. What I love most about Mary Ann is that she is strong and determined. She is never the victim even though technically she is in regards to the situation with Edmund. She forms opinions quickly and is surprised to learn that she is not as effective in her character judgment as she thought. This make the story believable and had me inhale it one sitting. I love the chemistry between her and Luke and find myself relating to her quite a bit. I had hoped she might have more ground to stand on when her father discovers her instead of being forced back to England, but it doesn't end there. This is like a western fairy tale and I loved it. Well worth every single 5 out of 5 stars.

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