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Monday, April 11, 2016

No Other Will Do

Emma Chandler had a dream and in 1894, she began to make that dream come true in Harper's Station, Baylor County, Texas. It has been encouraged by her friend Victoria and other to help her dream up the idea of a women's colony, a place run by women to benefit women. A sanctuary for those needing to escape, and a place of opportunity for those looking to better themselves.

When Emma came into her inheritance at the age of 21, she'd heard about a small town of abandoned buildings for sale for pennies on the dollar. Residents had abandoned the old stagecoach town when the railroad came through nearby Seymour. Her aunts had combined their funds with hers in an investment pool, and they'd purchased the land. Thanks to a few well-placed ads in the area newspapers that first year and what some would call their growing notoriety since then, the colony boasted nearly fifty members, if one counted the children. Women surviving and thriving by supporting one another. And now some bull-headed, hateful man threatened to destroy all the had built. Emma knew her answer lay with the one person who could help when she needed it the most.

Malachi Shaw, had been raised when Emma found him huddled inside their barn many years ago and the aunts had taken an instant liking to helping him. He always believed that when he laid eyes on Emma, she was sent to him from heaven. His own angel. One that he would do anything for. When he received her telegram with the words, "In trouble. Need your help. Please come."  He dropped everything working for the railroad company as a blaster. He wasn't quite sure what he needed but he knew in his heart after everything she and the aunts had done for him, it was time to repay them for their kindness no matter what they needed. "Hang in there, Emma. I'm coming."

I received No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Net Galley for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free ecopy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. There honestly hasn't been one novel that I've read of Karen Witemeyer's I haven't loved. Each of them is written is such an easy going manner you can sit back and inhale them in one sitting without realizing it. I couldn't wait to read this one and have to agree it's worth every single 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. Emma is a strong character that doesn't rely on a man to come to her aid, and is determined to do what she can to help the women who have come to rely on her as a leader. I love female characters written this way because I firmly believe there were women like that out west that had to rely on their wits and gumption to make it in a man's world. That is what I love most about Karen Witemeyer's novels.This is the first novel in the Ladies of Harper Station series!

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