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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Sister's Wish

It is always a pleasure whenever a long-overdue visit with family and friends happens and it suddenly feels as if no time has passed since your last visit. This is just the case whenever you immerse yourself into the lives of the residents of Charm, Ohio, a small mix of Amish and English alike through Shelley Shepard Gray's eyes and imagination. In the third book of this series, The Charmed Amish Life, A Sister's Wish combines the coming of age story between Amelia Kinsinger and Simon Hochstetler. They have always shared more than a passing feeling between them that began as children, when Amelia had the uncanny ability to see more to Simon than anyone else.

Being a child in an abusive home, Simon watched as both his older brother and sister both left home for something more than being on the receiving end of their parents anger. Even in Amish communities, abuse happens and sometimes nothing is done because no one wants to get involved. So it came as no surprise after the final beating that Simon had enough and followed in his siblings footsteps and left Charm. Only unlike his siblings, Simon came back and repented of his worldly ways with used violence as an outlet to enable him to make money at fighting. But he is done with all of that lifestyle and now only wants to do whatever he can to make Amelia his wife and begin a family with her.

However Amelia feels about Simon, her older siblings believe it's in her best interest to find a more suitable husband in someone else. They will do whatever they have to, to ensure that Simon moves on and leaves Amelia for someone more suited to her innocent way of life. She doesn't need Simon's blackened past to rear its ugly head in their family. Amelia has had enough and at 22, now feels the need to stand up to her well-meaning family and put her own happiness first, instead of running the family household. But when an accident leaves her in need of someone to care for her, who will step up and take the responsibility.

I received A Sister's Wish by Shelley Shepard Gray compliments of Avon Inspired Publishers and Litfuse Publicity. I absolutely love the intimacy that comes from the characters that Shelley introduces us to in her series and soon you find yourself feeling a part of the novel and their family. I think we have all had a well-meaning family member tell us what they feel is best for us in our own lives and Lukas fills that role for this novel. He has the best intentions but fails to realize that he hasn't considered Amelia's feelings in the process of his decisions. I love how Simon is willing to do whatever Amelia asks despite how much pain it causes him to tell her about his sorted and painful past in order to establish a solid foundation to build their relationship on. Readers will get a sneak peek at the final book in the series, An Amish Family Christmas coming in October of 2016. For me, this one rates a 4.5 out of 5 stars in this reviewer's opinion.

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