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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Brother's Keeper

"They are perhaps the sole rays of light in this dark era, the few whose consciences prevented them from being indifferent." ~ Yad Vashem

"Many did nothing - even though they called themselves Christians. Others joined the Nazis and supported Shoah, or Holocaust - the dark deadly storm that swept over Europe with the rise of Nazi Germany. In it more than six million Jewish men, women and children perished, killed by starvation or illness, fatally tortured or beaten, shot by Nazi death squads, or executed in concentration camp gas chambers. Contrary to popular misconception, in may ways the Jews of Europe resisted the evil that befell them. And as the unimaginable horror of the Holocaust descended upon Europe, countless people who professed the name of Christ also refused to remain silent or inactive. Many risked everything to help rescue Jewish targets of Nazi tyranny. Some even made the ultimate sacrifice, faithfully fulling the words of Jesus: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

My Brother's Keeper by Rod Gragg records the stories of thirty of them, all of whom have been honored by the State of Israel as "the Righteous Among the Nations." One of the Christians whose story is recounted in this work likely spoke for all herein when he explained why he chose to risk everything to save a single Jewish life. "I know that when I stand before God on Judgment Day," he said, "I shall not be asked the question posed to Cain - where were you when your brother's blood was crying out to God? " (pg 10).

My Brother's Keeper shares both the stories of these men and women who rose up in the face of perhaps the greatest evil atrocities of human kind and vowed not to stand by and do nothing when Hitler and his men tried in vain to rid the world of the Jewish race. Notables like Corrie Ten Bloom are captured as well as those whose names people might not recognize but save thousands of lives through their heroic efforts, some even paying with their own lives instead of standing idly by. This book also shares the history of such people like Hitler, Oskar Shindler and others so you get a full sense of what happened from the beginning until the brutal end. Why did the US and other nations not get involved when they knew what was happening in Germany and in other countries that Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were controlling piece by piece. This is a part of world history we cannot forget and it shows that good can still overcome evil if people are willing to step up and challenge them.

I received My Brother's Keeper by Rod Gragg compliments of Center Street Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Groups. It is hard to read these accounts and in the process you, the reader, are transported back to this time in history where people were stripped of their world possessions, wealth, and humanity for the sole reason of their birthright. The book shares these 30 accounts along with some historical pictures and is one I will not part with, and thus has become a part of my library sharing the history of the Jewish Holocaust as well as those that died trying to risk all to protect them. For me, this is a true 5 out of 5 stars.

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