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Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Royal Christmas Wedding

As a little girl, I have always been fascinated by fairy tales and happily ever after endings, where the prince finds his princess and love prevails. We can look to England for some of that contemporary royal wedding and romance and see that some fairy tales are not just in books. Perhaps that is why I have absolutely adored Rachel Hauck's Royal Wedding series of novels. It takes those romance feelings of fairy tales long ago and brings them to life in a "Ah moment" whenever you finish one. I could not wait for this one to release and readers will be able to pick this one up in mid-October.

A Royal Christmas Wedding picks up where How to Catch a Prince left off, and now goes to show that just because you might want it to happen, some happily ever afters must wait. Combining a bit of royal wedding history from the early 1800's, the Pembrook chapel bell has not rang out since the death of Prince Michael who fell to his untimely death after ringing the Pembrook Chapel bell announcing his intentions to marry the woman his loved. To this date, the bell has remained silent along with all the traditions that went along with it. Now it has been 182 years since a Prince climbed the 182 steps of the Chapel to ring the bell and all of London is abuzz with the news that Prince Colin Tattersall will do just that and ring the bell for Lady Jordan who he has been seeing recently.

However on the eve of the Harvest Celebration, what the world doesn't realize is that the Prince has been coming to the chapel for quite some time with his friends to toast in the New Year, not ring the bell. But if he could do it, it would be for the one woman who claimed his heart 4 years ago and not Lady Jordan. That is his prayer to God, that the bell would ring for her. However when it does, by some odd reason, Colin believes it to be a prank ushered in by Guy Smoot, his longtime friend and now the entire world believes Colin has rang it for Lady Jordan instead.

Avery Truitt has arrived with her mother in Brighton to be with her sister this Christmas now that there is news she might be giving birth to the soon-to-be-heir. All she knows is the man who broke her heart 4 years ago, will be present during all the celebrations that will take place over the next month and she is bound to run into him. Despite what she feels, her heart has never gotten over Colin and he will always be the one for her. She just needs to keep her emotions and feelings in check during the next few weeks. All that is in the past and she needs to focus on her future and that is not with Colin, no matter how wonderful he may be. He stood her up 4 years ago for prom and she isn't about to just let him waltz back on in.

I received A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck compliments of Zondervan Publishing and Net Galley. This is truly an adult version of all those fairy tales we read as little girls and gives us hope that love will always prevail despite the odds against it. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with a handsome prince during Christmas? Sign me up for sure. This is one for die-hard royal romance fans who love following their hearts instead of their heads when it comes to romance. The only down side is that this marks the end of the Royal Wedding series, with this being book 4. If you haven't read them, please do so in order so you can gain a true understanding of all the relationships you'll encounter in this one, including Susanna and Nathaniel's own royal romance. For me, this is a wonderful 5 out of 5 stars and only hope at some point in the future, we might get a chance to see how their lives have progressed down the road. There is also discussion questions included that book clubs will love.

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