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Monday, November 7, 2016

One of the Few

The one thing I am always impressed with whenever I come across our service men and women is discipline, honor, integrity and duty. During their military training, they seem to come across things that go beyond a human beings natural desires and override them to perform as they have been trained and not what they "feel" like doing. They do what they are called to do and often times have to make the hard decisions many of us would never consider doing.

Jason B. Ladd has done double duty in his book, One of the Few combining a bit of his own personal memoirs as a Marine alongside learning what it is to become a Christian. He started at the beginning with no training whatsoever in either area, knowing of God but not truly knowing who He is. Along the way Jason shares how each aspect of his training, from basic training to flight school have taught him more than simple military protocal and training as he advanced in the Marines but how each aspect of that training and often mistakes can be applied to a Christian walk of faith.

In the chapter Read, Fly, Repeat, he shares how much faith is evident in every aspect of a fighter pilots life. While he doesn't build the plane or maintain it, still each time he steps inside the cockpit, he has to have faith that someone who does that job, has done it to the best of their ability, therefore giving him faith that it will perform as it should.

"I have faith in the Marines who work on the jets; they have faith in my ability to fly them - together, we complete the mission. Marines are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline, professionalism, and integrity. Every lance corporal turning a wrench knows he is part of a team. Without his help, jets will not fly, and without his attention to detail, pilots will not succeed. He does his best because that's what Marines do. They do not settle for average. Marine's work day, night and t hrough the weekend to make sure the job is done right. That's why I have faith in the Marines who maintain the fleet. "

"This was a revelation. I never thought of myself as a man of faith, yet I was beginning to see how much faith I had in everyday things. I need faith to drive to work every day. I have fiath I will receive a paycheck for my work because legal checks and balances ensure compensation and deter unfair business practices. And I must trust architects because I don't worry about roofs collapsing on my head. In order to remain sane, I must trust these even will not occur despite a lack of proof." (95).

I received One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd by Boone Shepherd Publishing and applaud this writers use of military memoirs to also illustrate his growing Christian faith. For some who read this book, especially service men and women, this life lessons will resound more to them because it applies to the brotherhood shared among those in our military service. I love the way his faith grew in the different aspects of his learning to become a Marine pilot and even how mistakes teach us valuable lessons of growing in our own walk of faith. We don't quit, we simply get up, shake off the dust and soldier on. For me, this one really earned a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion because I really LOVED his duality in this novel, one from growing up in the military and becoming a Marine and the life lessons he gained from that, but secondly, how his walk of faith grew out of those very same lessons in a remarkable way.

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