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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Remnant

"The thing is, religion in the general sense of the word is about external, visible things - buildings, practices, art, music, convocations, ceremonies, observances, relics, texts and so on. Those make it easy for the Federation to identify a religious person. If they can see it, they can nail you for it. But I don't believe that's what the Jesus way is about. It's about the internal, the invisible, such as faith and connection with God. Visible things will ultimately emerge from invisible faith, things like concern and service for your fellow human beings. But why should the Feds have a problem with those things? They make for a healthy civilization." (pg 240).

Jesus promised that in the last days the signs of His coming would be as easy to see as the signs of a tree beginning to bloom, signify that Spring is coming. Yet what if the signs aren't so easy to read and some begin to wonder if they missed it completely or there would be more horrors to face in this world before He does come.

The year is 2069 and 90 percent of the world's population has been eliminated as well as most of the major cities around the world. Religion is to blame for being the catalyst to launch an all out attack on a global scale and the remaining 10 percent are not allowed to participate in anything that looks like religion. All religious books have been burned and any remaining copies will soon be confiscated by the Federation if found. All churches, mosques and temples have been converted to housing or government use buildings and anyone who does not wish to give up their religious rights are moved into camps known as Safe Zones.

While they can no longer worship publicly, they are kept being productive members of the zone by using whatever skills they possess to benefit those in the city and Federation. They are given the option of forgoing their religious rights and be re-educated in the Federations guidelines and can resume a better way of living at any time. But for those who don't, they remain locked away in the Safe Zones behind heavily protected gates and armed guards. If you manage to escape from these zones, you can't ever return. No one knows what lies outside the gates of the Zones, referred to as the Wilderness, but rumor has it that religious freedoms await in remote cities where the Federation has no control. Grant Cochrin along with his family and friends, make a plan to escape and find any Christians left on earth, but it will take all of them working together to ensure they are not caught. If the Federation finds them, they will be vaporized instantly. Escape seems to be their only hope to find a Bible left in the world somewhere and all that the family has is a remnant page from the Beatitudes but even that is vague in its interpretation.

I received The Remnant by Monte Wolverton compliments of CWR Press and Litfuse Publicity. I really love how this novel takes into consideration all religious groups from Muslims, Buddhist Monks, Catholics, and Christians as Grant tries to make sense of what lies beyond the Zones. Each area has their own religious groups running them and soon it is hard for those in this rag-tag team to know what is the real truth and what are the lies. Is there any hope for finding Christians left in the world? I absolutely love this novel as it places our religious beliefs to the truest test of our faith and just how far we are willing to go to find the truth of what we believe. For that reason I give this novel a 4.5 out of 5 stars and can't wait for the sequel.

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