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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Without Regrets

Who doesn't have a love in the past, that they haven't often wondered what would have happened if things had been different. Perhaps it was your first love or that special someone in your life that always saw the best in you, but the timing wasn't right so you went your separate ways. Long, but not forgotten.

Such is the premise of Without Regrets by Ruth Kyser, who takes a college love between Rachel King and David Costella and conveys a very special love that goes beyond what two people could share. Even though they confessed their undying love to one another while in college, David told Rachel after proposing to her, he wanted to wait until he finished school for them to marry. He had many hopes and dreams of a bright future for them he wanted to put in place. But as most college romances do, time became the enemy as well as distance. Phone calls got fewer, emails less frequent and even though Rachel believed she loved David, she knew in her heart it wasn't the kind of love that a husband and wife should share, so she wrote a Dear John letter and called things off between them.

Many years later, Rachel married but never had children. She found the love she had always dreamed of, but then again fate dealt her an ugly hand and she lost him to cancer too early. It was only after his death, that she learned he was keeping secrets from her, that their finances were worse than she could imagine and she lost everything while trying to settle their debts. A year later, she received a letter in the mail telling her that David had passed away and she was wanted in Charlotte to sign some legal papers regarding David's estate. She just never dreamed that the man she loved in college would make something of himself and leave her with everything, even after she broke his heart. But why her?

I received Without Regrets by Ruth Kyser compliments of Create Space Independent Publishing Platform. This is such a beautiful story about forgiveness, redemption, second chances and finding God's will for your life. Rachel's story is moving because all of us have loved and lost at some point in our life, and makes you wonder what you would do if you found yourself in the very same situation as Rachel did. Do you accept this inheritance or do you find a way to settle things from your past and move forward with the life you have made of your own choosing? I love how Rachel consults God even if it means leaving everyone behind for a few days to hear God speak to her heart. What a wise woman who waits upon God for her future. For that reason, I give this novel a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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