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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bounty Hunter

One of my favorite jobs in the police force has to be the K-9 unit. As an animal lover I would love a job working with a dog and being in sync with them they are part of who you are. Then again, I would hate to think of sending a dog into a situation where they might not make it out alive, thus saving yours. I don't think I could do it. However if you pick up the series of books through the Love Inspired Suspense division from Harlequin, you might just want to pick up Bounty Hunter by Lynette Eason, book 4 of the Classified K-9 Unit.

In each book, they go deeper into the lives of the team of classified K-9 handlers working together as a team to locate one of their own, Jake Morrow, whom they believe may have been kidnapped by a local crime syndicate or acting as a double agent. They have had no luck with following up the tips they have been receiving lately until a random call from a bounty hunter, Riley Martelli who has been shot at by the man they've been trying to find.

When the K-9 unit arrives, FBI Special Agent Harper Prentiss and her dog Star are the first to talk with Riley. At first the team is unsure of his motives, especially when he seems eager to collect the $100,000 reward money leading the capture of Jake Morrow. So Harper follows him and learns that Riley needs the money to pay for his nephew's medical bills after being shot by his father Van Blackwell, who murder Riley's sister and left Asher, his nephew in his custody and now care. He has a bullet wedged along his spine and until he has surgery, he can't walk. So between helping the FBI catch Jake, he is also following his own pursuit to find and bring Van Blackwell to justice, if he doesn't kill Riley first.

I received Bounty Hunter by Lynette Eason compliments of Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense and TLC Book Tours. This is a pocket paperback which means you can take this book anywhere to catch up on this suspense adventure and trust me, there is NEVER a dull moment. I can't wait to read the entire series and readers even get a chance to get a sneak peek at Book 5, Body Guard at the conclusion of this one. I really love the tight knit family of FBI K-9 handlers because they work so well together and even manage to aid Riley in his own endeavors when one of their own is threatened. I love how it all wraps up in the end on one hand but gets you ready for the next adventure on the other. Trust me, murder mystery lovers and animal lovers will want to pick this one up. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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  1. Oh I agree! The K-9 unit would be where I would want to work if I were in the police department!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.


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