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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


If you have ever been part of the current dating scene, you can honestly say there is slim pickings out there. What if you imagined having met the perfect guy, developed a new application that would net you tons of money and in a short span of time, watching that same guy steal your invention and break up with you when you least expect it? That is the premise behind Emma's (Kate Micucci) life. She was on the cusp of inventing an app called Night Sky that would allow users to view the constellations by merely downloading the app. Only her boyfriend Luke decides to take all the necessary steps to steal it before Emma can do anything to stop him, including deleting all her files on her personal computer and he markets it as his own.

She believes the only people she can trust anymore are her tuxedo cat, Alex and a lovable yellow Labrador Summit. Too bad all the love that give her and the secrets she shares with them would make it possible to find suitable human boyfriends that would treat her with the unconditional love her pets do. The one benefit that came from her breakup was she can now have pets whereas before Luke was deathly allergic. Now she is back to the grindstone trying to figure out the next big thing for app developers and for her and her co-worker Nina (Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect), come up with an astrology app that can determine your daily fates using the stars and planet line ups. So when Nina tells Emma that the Supermoon coming up will completely change her life, she isn't sure what to think. On that night, her pets Ajax and Summit, are transformed into humans until the next Supermoon about a month away, only Emma doesn't know it.

Ajax now the perfect personified version of a cat, calls himself Diego (Justin Chatwin), full of arrogance, pride and animal magnetism winds up on the read cat walk as the next super model that every women desperately wants, and Summit (Steve Howey) is your typical agreeable and likeable guy going by the name Sam. They both come to terms that only one of them is likely to wind up as Emma's new love interest and may the best pet or human win. This is when the movie really goes from being a romance, to a full scale laughable comedy as both pets are trying hard to make it in the human world and Emma is caught in the middle. Sean Astin stars as a fix it man, Carl, whose is to blame for letting Emma's pets out during the Supermoon and it is his heart that he has lost to Emma, but she is simply too blind to see him.

I received Unleashed by Level 33 Entertainment compliments of TetherGroup. This is one of those adult comedies that really manages to pull of exactly what you would think. The mannerisms of both Diego and Sam are their respective animals perfectly. There is a brief nude scene as Summit goes from a dog into a human walking off in search of clothes and you have to remember that this is an adult comedy. Aside from that part, I believe that most older teens would really appreciate this movie as my 18-year-old daughter, and husband and I all thoroughly enjoyed this movie which comes to theaters and on demand on August 25, 2017. This is one we both laughed and cried through and if you are looking for something a bit different, this one is a hit in our opinion. All of us, rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

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