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Friday, August 11, 2017


I am beginning to love regencies more than almost any other genre, in part because society was so vastly different then than it is now. Women for the most part has no real role other than securing the best marriage match that will grow their own fortunes. It was all about society, propriety and wealth and the higher you climbed the more that was expected of you. Women for the most part were considered property unless their dowry allowed a marriage that would generously benefit all parties.

Take the traditional regency romances, we've all come to love like that of Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey or others and place it along a rich coastline filled with its own legends and stories, castles and myths like King Arthur and Camelot and the greatest love between Arthur and Gwenevere and you have the basics for the novel Havencross by Julie Daines. For the Cardinham family they had the title and prestige and up until their son John died, all was well. They had left for London in hopes of leaving that part of their past behind, their family home of Havencross in the small country village of Cornwall. But amid rumors of her father's soiled reputation they were forces to head home. It seems her father was seen having an affair with another woman and much to the families dismay, everything that they had hoped for was now in ruins. Even the match Elaine had secured with Lord Chiverton seemed lost as well.

She had left behind all her childhood memories, those she shared exploring the cliffs and caves, once rumored to house magical mysteries of Merlin and Camelot. Even those old castle ruins spurned many of their own legends and the childhood love she once had for Gareth Kemp were best kept in the past. She needed to figure out how she was going to find a future and with Gareth being less the above poverty, still working in the tin mines. So once more she wished upon the hand of Merlin's to find a way out of her mess. She wasn't expecting to find a wounded woman in one of the caves in need of medical attention, but the only help closest to her was the Kemp's and she would have to try and convince Gareth to help even if he refused to believe her childhood stories.

I received Havencross by Julie Daines compliments of Covenant Communications. There is something amazing about this novel. Perhaps because it contains tidbits of everything we love. Regency fans will love everything about this book and even fantasy fans will love the connection with King Arthur along with some mysterious smuggling that seems to be happening right in their own backyards, but for now, those remain a secondary concern. With Gareth's hard work, he is no longer a nobody and is in position to marry above his previous social standings and unfortunately the only woman he has loved is finding herself in her own possible marriage proposal from a man she had thought forgotten about. Mystery, adventure, romance and even a bit of magic will find its way into a reader's heart by the conclusion of Havencross and now Julie Daines will be a watch author for me, one that will go on my must have list. This one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars in this readers opinion.

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