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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cherished Mercy

For as long as I can remember I have loved western stories. Probably came after my introduction to the Louis L'Amor novels that may have jump started my love of the simple life but also a very difficult and hostile life as well. I have been honored to read all of the novels in Tracie Peterson's Heart of the Frontier series and her final one in the series is Cherished Mercy. Each of the novels have introduced the reader to the Flanagan sisters and the last one is the youngest Mercy. She has been working with her sister Grace at helping women during childbirth and also learning about herbal medicines that can help whatever ails most people on the frontier.

Just as she is about to come into her own, a family friend writes that his wife, Eletta is not doing well while expecting their first baby in March. They have asked if Mercy can come to stay with them and help with the birthing of the baby. Mercy fears the recent Rogue River Indians after just barely surviving her own Indian attack and being held hostage for over a month, during the Whitman Massacre has matured her and changed her. She now understands the Indian people a bit more, and has given them the benefit of the doubt since not all Indians are ruthless killers. These people merely want to exist but now it seems that the government has hired on a militia to kill any and all Indians they see, so for Mercy's family it feels like she would be well enough to go.

She believes God will watch over her and protect her as she heads to Gold Beach, Oregon to aid in any way she can to help Eletta get better. Her husband Isaac and herself were responsible for helping all three sisters make it to the west during the Oregon trail and she now feels God is calling her to help. She just doesn't expect to fall in love with Adam Browning, the younger brother of Isaac. She isn't looking for love and that is good, because Adam doesn't believe Mercy will be able to hack it in the rudimentary lodgings and working so closely with the Indian population near them. He believes once she arrives, she will be begging to head home. He isn't at all prepared for what she brings with her when she arrives at their homestead. Lots of gumption and grit for sure on both sides.

I received Cherished Mercy by Tracie Peterson compliments of NetGalley and Baker Publishing Group. I have read to many of Tracies's novel and they just welcome the reader on it. It's like a great friend, that you can curl up with her books and sit by the fire and lose yourself in the story. I have wanted to know what Mercy would turn up like after reading about her throughout all the novels up to this one and LOVE that she has a bit of sass about her. She isn't willing to put up with any man who thinks she needs someone to complete her and this is where it gets interesting so that you have to finish it before doing anything else. She's a spit fire for sure, but has she met her match? Pick this one up to find out. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and western romance lovers will want to pick up the entire series and carve out some time to enjoy each of them.

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