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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kill Shot

What immediately drew me to want to read this novel was the fact that technology could be developed or imagined that would allow a novice to be able to fire a gun and have a bullet be programmed to kill a specific person without having to be skilled enough to be a professional marksman. Chilling to consider the repercussions if such a device was developed. What is worse is to imagine that it is and was stolen along with 3 dozen of the self-steering bullets. Are they intended for 3 dozen targets or are they about to be sold to the highest bidder?

When the body count begins to rise, the White Knights, a specialized FBI task force is called in to quickly figure out who the potential killer is and to recover the remainder of the specialized bullets before they are sold or used. Heading up the investigation is Rick Cannon who has his own demons to face, and now he will have to put aside his differences and feelings to work with Dr. Olivia Dobbs, a therapist who has been working with two former Marines to deal with their PTSD, and now both of them are dead with the self-steering bullets. When Olivia is also targeted, Rick Cannon will ensure that she remain safe even if it means taking a bullet himself, but first he has to clear her from being the suspect.

At first, this novel was a bit of a challenge to really settle into, based on all the action that happens at the beginning of the novel. Since this is part of a series, and not reading the first one, Fatal Mistake, I was wondering if I would be able to enjoy this one. I can tell you I did. I had to remove myself from all the distractions happening around me to be able to truly tune into this one and once I did, I was hooked. From the chemistry happening between Agent Rick Cannon and Dr. Dobbs, I had to know how this would turn out. Perhaps my favorite character is one of the specialized team members, Brynn, as she is the computer hacker for the team. I learned a bit about the deeper workings of the internet I never knew about and I could only pray self-steering bullets are not a reality considering where technology is headed.

I received Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman compliments of Faith Words, a division of Hachette Book Groups. A Discussion Guide is included at the conclusion of this novel that would make it a perfect selection for book clubs. I can't wait to go back and read this series from the beginning and pick up Fatal Mistake. There is enough information in this one that allows you to move through the novel without having to read the first one. The first conveys a bit of why Rick Cannon is so far removed from things and why those mistakes cost him everything and now make him second guess how involved he will allow himself to become. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and easily give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Finally a novel that doesn't have to sacrifice a story line to deal with profanity or other issues you might find in similar novels. What a breath of fresh air this one is!

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