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Friday, January 12, 2018

Heart of the West

Love women who are full of fire and determination, especially when it comes to what they want in life over what their influential parents want for them instead. Kate Donahue had to run away quite literally to head west after receiving her certification as a doctor. The man she was suppose to marry wanted nothing but someone who might make him look good as a senator and being a doctor was not in the plans, despite how much her mother and father begged her to reconsider. She waited for everyone in her household to leave and she simply packed up what she could and bought a train ticket heading to Craig, Colorado where she read an advertisement promising new business in the growing town. Surely they would need a doctor.

When she arrived she wasn't looking for any man's attention, and yet that is precisely what Stanley Jones was used to getting his way and he wasn't about to take Kate's no for her final answer. He reminded Kate of the same kind of man she walked away from in Long Island. She wasn't about to be curtailed by another one now. Yet for the Jones family, it seems they were used to things going there way and it none of the town's proprietors were going to say anything to contradict their wishes, even if it meant keeping the local law close and in their pocket. So Kate would be on her own to start up a medical practice but she received less than warm invites from those in town. For sure she would have the women in town who would come to her for medical needs, but how was she going to make a living working in trade and bartered services. Her parents reminded her if she walked away from their wishes she would forfeit her entire inheritance so she would have to find a way to stretch what little savings she had left.

She doesn't plan on falling for anyone in town but when Stanley Jones begins to bark orders to a small crippled boy named Logan and an Irish sheep rancher by the name of Lucas McCurdy she was about to go against the Jones family in a bad way. Knowing that they wouldn't do anything to her personally, they vetted their anger in other ways like trying to intimidate and frighten off McCurdy to take his sheep and head back to Ireland. Logan was another story as his brother was Stanley and he was proud to boss his little brother around, not that he would amount to much being as crippled as he was. It is going to take more than grit and raw determination to make her way in Craig, but then again, what does Kate have to lose by giving up? She certainly has no plans on heading back home any time soon and she vows to make sure that Stanley understands that loud and clear.

I received Heart of the West by Carolyn Twede Frank compliments of Covenant Communications. I absolutely LOVE it when authors choose to right about a strong and determined female character that defies what society deems is appropriate. Kate Donahue is by far one of my favorites. I love that she had already gotten her doctor's certification and now it was all about following her dream to head west and so glad I picked up this novel to enjoy. Even more is the delectable recipe for Lavender's Cinnamon Rolls. Can't wait to mix up a batch. My only hope is that this author has more western romances up her sleeve and now I have her name on my watch list. This one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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