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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Resurrection In May

A strange and wondrous friendship ignites the fire of love in May Seymour's life.

Lovely and winsome May Seymour graduated from college with the world at her feet...and no idea what to do with it. A spontaneous mission trip to Africa brought a great surprise - love - and a strong sense of purpose. But in loving others there, she encountered a severe tragedy that left her deeply wounded.

She comes to heal at the farm of Claudius Borne - a sweet, kind old man who understands plants and animals far better than people. And his farm becomes May's home.

There on the farm, May renews a friendship with an old college flame name Eli whose path has taken unexpected turns too. As May tries to convince Eli to grab hold of life once again, he begins to pull May from her sheltered existence. Like old Claudius's farm in the Spring, May begins to blossom back into life. But no resurrection ever comes without sacrifice - and this sacrifice will forever transform May. (excerpt from back cover).

My Review:

Who would have ever thought that one's graduation night would completely and utterly change her life forever? Not only hers but the life of Claudius Borne as well. May's life of the college girl who has partied one too many times has finally caught up to her and finds herself staggering drunk on a deserted street about to be hit by Claudius Borne, a seventy two year old man who has lived alone his whole life.

Compassion and mercy fall on May when Claudius takes her in and offers to help her get through the worst hang over in her life, back on his farm. He has spent all his life raising produce to supply his most basic needs with only a few farm animals to keep him company. Until May arrives and they both see they need one another more than a life alone. Claudius becomes a father to May and May offers him the life of having someone to care for and someone to care about him.

The hardest part comes for both of them when May leaves for a mission trip to Rwanda to help the church. Claudius misses the very presence May brought into his life for a few short months and learns that turmoil is erupting in Rwanda that could cost May her life.

I received the book, Resurrection In May by Lisa Samson, compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review. It was one of the books that took me the longest to read, not because it wasn't interesting but because I was so deeply involved in the aspects of the lives of May and Claudius so much I really wanted to take my time. It was time well spent and a book, I would easily give 10 stars too! It's that great a book.

It gives you back hope when you think that enduring a tragedy in your life can not be forgotten or forgiven. It offers you a look at the life of a man who truly took up his cross and followed in Jesus' footsteps in the life of Claudius Borne. He sacrificed all he has and owns to care for a perfect stranger without a second thought and in doing so teaches May the greatest life lesson anyone could, than that of someone who loves others more than himself.

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