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Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Surrender To A Rogue Giveaway and Review

An expert in antiquities, Lady Alessandra della Giamatti arrives in Bath to excavate newly discovered Roman ruins - only to find herself caught in a web or a blackmailer threatening to expose her scandalous past. The one man who can help her is Lord James "Black Jack" Pierson, a fellow member of the expedition and sinfully handsome rogue whose tempting presence ignites a different sort of danger.

Jack has clashed with Alessandra in the past, so when she suddenly surrenders her body he can't help being suspicious. Is she a scheming temptress? Or is she truly a lady in trouble? As desire and deceptions swirl around them, Alessandra and Jack must find a way to win each other's trust. For if they don't work together to uncover a shocking truth, their enemy - and their own simmering passions - may destroy them and everything they cherish. (Excerpt back cover).

My Review:

Here's another reminder of my high school days where romance is alive once more, like the stories from old Harlequin romance books, this is another great read. To Surrender To A Rogue, by Cara Elliot, transports you to another time and place entirely. Much like the classic romance stories this one will too capture your heart. Alessandra plays a great strong female character with a knack for hiding secrets that she should share with Jack which always leads her to trouble. Jack and her have an unusual relationship and their communication comes of in a power play sort of way. One giving a comment and the other trying to outdo it without being the slightest bit vulnerable.

I received this book, compliments of Hachette Book Groups in exchange for my honest review. This is another great romance story where the lady is so likely to be weak just for the sake of love. I would rate this book a 4 out of stars for some suggestive encounters between Alessandra and Jack but that is your classic romance story. This book is available in paperback only.

For 5 lucky followers of my blog, Hachette is pleased to offer this book as a giveaway. Here are the conditions of this giveaway:

1. You MUST be a follower of this blog.

2. This is for US and Canada residents only.

3. No P.O. Boxes.

4. Simply leave me a comment of who your favorite romance couple is whether from books, TV, or movies.

The giveaway ends on July 25th and I must have a way of notifying you, so please leave your email in the comments.


  1. Wow my favorite romance couple was Patch and Kayla from way back when I was a teen watching Days of our Lives with my mom. Or wait maybe my favorite couple is Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman. Well I will give you my two faves. I have been wanting to read this book because I have been reading some great reviews. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I would have to say Diana Gabaldon's Claire and Jamie from the "Outlander" series are my favorite couple!

    Thanks for the chance at a great sounding book, I've enjoyed others by Cara Elliott in the past.

  3. OK since I'm reading "Sizzling Sixteen" by Janet Evanovich I'm gonna say Stephanie Plum and Joe Morelli........ya know I love Ranger too though...hmmmmm...decisions..decisions....

  4. I follow you on GFC as wendy wallach and my fav couple is Derek and Meredith from Greys Anatomy.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  5. Really, my favorite romance couple, I have to think about this one. I am not good when I am put on the spot. Okay I will say Jessie and Angie on All My Children.

  6. Looks like this will be a good book.
    Hm...My favorite romance couple would be My Grandparents, Luke and Laura or Jesse and Angie.


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