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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Sapphire Season

Who doesn't love a great novel of a romantic love that simply can not be because of circumstances that prevent the two ill fated from becoming a couple? Much like a Jane Austen novel right? One of my favorites being Pride and Prejudice. In A Sapphire Season, from author Lynn Morris, we get a sneak peek into the lives of Lady Mirabella Tirel who is searching for just the right prospective suitor now that she is of age. Never does she ever consider the feelings of her close friend, Sir Giles Knyvet, her childhood friend because that is not a match that either her parents or even Giles for that matter would consider. But the heart knows what the heart wants, and as much as it pains Sir Giles, he must take a back seat and do what he can to ensure that Mirabella finds just the right man in her life, wishing that is was him instead.

Soon the two childhood friends find themselves pulled in opposite directions as three possible suitors appear on the horizon with the hopes of catching Mirabella's heart, while Sir Giles can only stand by the sidelines and watch. He on the other hand has to deal with an outstanding debt of his own family and thus the reason why he can not pursue Mirabella. It is something that demands his full attention if he is to ever have any hope of convincing her to marry him instead, but will he have enough time to right matters before Mirabella makes a decision over whom to marry. Now that she is turning twenty- two, Mirabella knows if she doesn't find someone soon, her hopes for finding a successful match will simply be out of the question. No one will want to marry her if she continues to wait any longer.

Since having her heart broken once before, she has long given up hope that one can ever hope to marry for love, so she hopes that if she can find a suitable match, she might learn to love the man she marries one day. This comes at a time, where society and social standing is what is important and even though Mirabella's parents support her choices, they also have to do what is best based on the time period in which this novel is written, a far different one from the world women have today.

I received A Sapphire Season by Lynn Morris compliments of Faith Words. a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest opinion. I did not receive any monetary compensation outside a copy of this novel for my honest review and the opinions expressed are simply my own. Fans of traditional regencies will love this novel. It was a first for me from author Lynn Morris and I look forward to more novels from her in the near future. In my opinion I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and even fans of Dowtown Abbey would enjoy this one as well! There is a group reading guide at the conclusion which is perfect for book groups!

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